Hello, my dar­ling Shay


(Melina Vi­dler), From up here in heaven I can see that you’ve been dream­ing of me lately and won­der­ing why I’m cry­ing. Well, sweet­heart, that’s a ques­tion that only you can an­swer! I know that you’re un­cer­tain about the fu­ture di­rec­tion of your life but al­most killing your­self is not the way to sort it out!

You re­ally need my help so that’s why I’m send­ing you a very clear sign about the fu­ture. Here it is! You know what you want to do with your life now so go ahead, em­brace it, tell ev­ery­body about it and be the best and bright­est per­son there is in Weld! Hugs & kisses, your Mum Laura (Tandi Wright)

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