Hi Poppy,


I’m so glad that you’re lov­ing life in Weld liv­ing with your dad, meet­ing new friends and be­ing in love with Arlo. But I think there’s some­thing you’re not telling me. Are things not as good as you say they are?

I know from my mar­riage to Woody that re­la­tion­ships are never smooth sail­ing so I’d hate to think you and Arlo are hav­ing prob­lems and strug­gling to sort them out. There’s al­ways a way to fix your is­sues; be­lieve me.

I’m pleased that you’re get­ting to know your dad and per­haps you need to get to know Arlo bet­ter and for­give him for what­ever mis­takes he’s made? Would you like me to come to Weld and help you out? Let me know. Love al­ways, your mum Mary (Rachael Carpani)

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