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The Neigh­bours brute takes a dra­matic fall... is he dead?

Re­venge has been up­per­most in the minds of Ram­say Street’s res­i­dents since no­to­ri­ous mon­ster Finn Kelly dis­ap­peared with­out trace af­ter run­ning down Xan­the and leav­ing Su­san, Elly and Bea to rot. Now they may be about to get it...

Thanks to fel­low crim­i­nal Jeremy Sluggett, Xan­the’s dad Gary now has cru­cial in­for­ma­tion point­ing to Finn hid­ing out in a cot­tage about an hour out of Mel­bourne. Un­for­tu­nately, news of Finn’s im­mi­nent re­turns rat­tles his four vic­tims, es­pe­cially Bea who suf­fers from tor­ment­ing night­mare-in­duced in­som­nia.

Mo­ti­vated to in­ves­ti­gate Finn’s where­abouts af­ter the po­lice hit dead ends, Bea (Bon­nie An­der­son) takes own­er­ship of her anx­ious need for clo­sure by vis­it­ing the cot­tage her­self. Alone, she’s re­lieved to ini­tially dis­cover only one of Finn’s dis­carded shirts be­fore en­coun­ter­ing the dis­turb­ing sight of Finn (Rob Mills) – in the flesh!

Cor­nered with nowhere to run, Bea man­ages to es­cape his clutches and flee be­fore he hurts her... but that pos­si­bil­ity nar­rows when Finn then men­ac­ingly or­ders her to prove her­self by go­ing to bed with him! Scared wit­less, Bea lashes out on in­stinct and runs out the door! Cow­er­ing in nearby scrub, Bea knows Finn’s in hot pur­suit, but luck­ily for her so are Su­san (Jackie Wood­burne), Elly (Jodi Anasta) and Xan­the (Lilly Van der Meer). They’ve worked out that she’s gone af­ter Finn when they learn that she never showed for her coun­selling ses­sion. Fi­nally cross­ing their path, Bea’s mo­men­tar­ily re­lieved un­til Finn thwarts their ur­gent get­away.

Be­fore any of them have time to think of their next

move, they’re star­ing down Finn in a tense con­fronta­tion on a clifftop that ends with them look­ing ter­ri­fied at his crum­pled, life­less body!

In one har­row­ing in­stant, Su­san, her two nieces and Xan­the be­come trapped un­der a veil of se­crecy over what has ac­tu­ally hap­pened in the wilder­ness. Main­tain­ing their si­lence proves sim­pler than ex­pected as all of their loved ones are com­pletely unaware of where they went or what might’ve hap­pened.

Wrestling with the men­tal and emo­tional demons from their var­i­ous or­deals with Finn is an­other mat­ter en­tirely. Over time, each of them shows signs of crack­ing un­der the pressure of the bur­den they’re car­ry­ing, with Bea the worse for wear. De­spite her own mind be­ing in uproar with vi­sions of Finn, Su­san works to be the calm­ing in­flu­ence for the three girls, un­til more in­sid­i­ous Finn-re­lated rev­e­la­tions emerge, push­ing her to the edge…

Soon af­ter, one of the way­ward women finds them­selves in the po­lice’s crosshairs as De­tec­tive Bill Graves (Robert Grubbs) re­veals that he sim­ply has no choice but to charge them with the at­tempted mur­der of Finn Kelly – and this is a state of af­fairs which could land them in jail for a rather lengthy stretch!

Finn (Rob Mills) is not a happy bunny! NEIGH­BOURS WEEK­NIGHTS 6.30PM ON ELEVEN The women are star­tled to see Finn’s life­less body!

Bea (Bon­nie An­der­son) makes a run for it!


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