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We pay trib­ute to Days’ Frank Parker (Shawn) and Peggy McCay (Caro­line)

Mem­o­ries of Mr & Mrs Brady

From their ar­rival in Salem on Feb­ru­ary 7, 1983, Ir­ish im­mi­grant Shawn and his wife Caro­line were in­stantly beloved by fam­ily, friends and the wider com­mu­nity, who all reg­u­larly fre­quented the iconic Brady Fish Mar­ket, and then later, fol­low­ing a vi­o­lent and de­struc­tive rob­bery and Shawn’s heart at­tack, its suc­ces­sor the Brady Pub.

The cou­ple’s decades-long union was a happy one but wasn’t with­out its chal­lenges. In 1985, crime lord Vic­tor Kiri­akis (John Anis­ton) was re­vealed to be the bi­o­log­i­cal fa­ther of Caro­line’s youngest son Bo (Peter Reck­ell). Forced to con­fess the truth to stop po­lice of­fi­cer Bo shoot­ing Vic­tor in an ar­rest bid, Caro­line tested Shawn’s leg­endary tem­per and his faith in their love for each other. Real­is­ing the grief he’d caused, Vic­tor even­tu­ally lied that he’d un­der­gone a va­sec­tomy years ear­lier so that Bo and Shawn would for­ever be­lieve Shawn was the fa­ther.

Prob­lems with their chil­dren oc­cu­pied the newly re­united lovers for sev­eral years un­til the om­nipresent spec­tre of death be­gan haunting them. In 1993, Caro­line barely es­caped with her life when Vi­vian Ala­main (Louise Sorel)

al­most poi­soned her hospi­tal IV with clean­ing fluid to frame her neme­sis Carly (Crys­tal Chap­pell) for mur­der! Poor Caro­line thought she was just go­ing into hospi­tal for stom­ach surgery! The next year, grand­daugh­ter Sami’s (Ali­son Sweeney) tainted preg­nancy news gave Caro­line a heart at­tack – but her real fight with the grim reaper would be nine years later.

Just af­ter Thanks­giv­ing 2003, Caro­line was pray­ing at St Luke’s Church, beg­ging God to in­ter­vene and save the towns­peo­ple from the evil scourge of the DiMer­a­gen­er­ated Salem stalker se­rial killer! As Bo joined his mother in a pew, Caro­line sud­denly choked and col­lapsed from poi­son­ing, dy­ing in her son’s arms! Luck­ily for Caro­line, she and the killer’s nine other vic­tims even­tu­ally cheated death by show­ing up alive on Me­laswen Is­land, an ex­act replica of Salem! They’d been medic­i­nally res­ur­rected af­ter dy­ing and smug­gled out of Salem in the DiMera tun­nels be­neath the city! Caro­line even­tu­ally made it home two years later, her fam­ily re­union ham­pered by a vol­canic erup­tion on Me­laswen that caused a tsunami to de­stroy the get­away boat. While some made it back to Salem im­me­di­ately, Caro­line ended up a pris­oner in a DiMera-con­trolled cas­tle in Europe be­fore be­ing res­cued in Au­gust 2005!

Three years later, death vis­ited Caro­line for real when Shawn went to Ire­land to re­unite with his pre­sumed-dead sis­ter Colleen (Shirley Jones). Head­ing home with his fam­ily af­ter the re­union, Shawn sac­ri­ficed his life to save gravely ill Bo... when the sab­o­taged air­craft plum­meted. Giv­ing up his oxy­gen mask, Shawn died in the snowy wilder­ness amid the plane wreck­age, re­turn­ing home to Caro­line in a body bag, an aw­ful end to a 60-year mar­riage!

Af­ter Shawn died, Caro­line ex­pe­ri­enced more heartache, be­ing falsely ac­cused of mur­der­ing Trent Rob­bins (Roscoe Born), switch­ing the pa­ter­nity tests on Chloe’s (Na­dia Bjor­lin) baby and then col­laps­ing when her crime was un­masked, and later be­ing di­ag­nosed with To­pits Dis­ease, a con­di­tion ini­tially thought to be Alzheimer’s. Since then, she’s been hap­pily run­ning the Brady Pub off-screen.


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