Women at WAR! “The last thing Quinn wants re­mind­ing of is that Stephanie once reigned supreme in her home!”


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she’s made to Ridge to be a faith­ful wife.

Nev­er­the­less, she’s ag­i­tated as she re­turns to work, un­able to de­flect Ridge’s ques­tions about her “client meet­ing”. Fum­ing over the lat­est de­tails of Bill’s be­hav­iour, Ridge warns his wife not to trust him. Re­con­ven­ing with Thorne, he’s adamant: now is the time to strike!

Find­ing him at home, Ridge and Thorne are ready for bat­tle, ig­nor­ing Bill’s dis­quiet at their in­tru­sion. They want him to stay away from Brooke – and es­pe­cially to keep his filthy hands and lips off her! Laugh­ing in the men’s faces, Bill main­tains that he doesn’t have to do a damn thing they say – and as the ar­gu­ment moves to the bal­cony over­look­ing the es­tate grounds, a fist-fight erupts! Sud­denly, push turns to shove and Bill goes fly­ing over the rail­ing, plung­ing to the ground be­low! In shock as he looks down at Bill’s life­less body, Ridge calls an am­bu­lance while Thorne races down the steps to check for a pulse.

Rushed to hospi­tal as the lights flash and the sirens wail, Bill’s con­di­tion is grave. In min­utes Ridge and Thorne are joined by Brooke and Katie to keep vigil. When a doc­tor says the out­come isn’t look­ing good, the fran­tic Lo­gan sis­ters de­mand an­swers from their hus­bands, who try to de­fend their ac­tions. Soon enough, Ridge and Thorne must also de­fend them­selves to De­tec­tive Sanchez (Jeremy Ray Valdez). Un­der in­tense in­ter­ro­ga­tion, they strug­gle to cover up the ugly de­tails of what went down.

Then the ten­sion be­comes un­bear­able as a men­ac­ing Thorne sneaks into Bill’s room to whis­per some­thing nasty in his ear while Ridge rages anew at Brooke’s re­quest to see Bill. Could Ridge or Thorne be fi­nally pushed to make an­other – suc­cess­ful – at­tempt on an ail­ing Bill’s life? As deeply in love with each other now as they were the day they first laid eyes on each other, Pam and Char­lie revel in ro­man­tic bliss as they join Eric and Quinn for lunch at the For­rester man­sion. Nat­u­rally pre­par­ing the meal be­cause Quinn can’t cook, culi­nary king Char­lie and his queen Pam tease her about not be­ing able to use the oven; then the women clash about the paint­ing adorn­ing the liv­ing room wall...

Sar­cas­ti­cally ob­serv­ing that she pre­ferred Stephanie’s por­trait above the man­tel, Pam (Al­ley Mills) bris­tles at Quinn (Rena Sofer) feel­ing so at home, teas­ing that she loves to cook for Eric (John McCook) so he doesn’t starve! All the bitchy banter weighs heav­ily on a dis­tracted Char­lie (Dick Christie), who scur­ries to the kitchen. Notic­ing her fi­ancé’s anx­i­ety, what’s com­ing slowly dawns on Pam when Char­lie shows her a photo mon­tage of the spe­cial times in their re­la­tion­ship. Pam’s hap­pily aflut­ter as he adds that he loves her… and her lemon bars!

Re­mem­ber­ing the desserts bak­ing in the oven, Pam goes to re­trieve it but is be­mused when Char­lie men­tions a con­cern­ing lump in the mid­dle of one bar. Bit­ing into it, he feigns chok­ing – be­fore spit­ting out a blingy di­a­mond en­gage­ment ring! “It’s for you, Pammy,” Char­lie coos, ask­ing her to let him be her knight in shin­ing ar­mour for­ever. Through tears, Pam gid­dily ac­cepts – but as her mind whirrs with wed­ding ideas, dark­ness is al­ready de­scend­ing in the liv­ing room… with Quinn won­der­ing why the lemon bars are tak­ing so long to be served. Dessert is all but for­got­ten when Pam breaks the happy news to Eric… along with the spe­cial re­quest to have the cer­e­mony at the man­sion, the cher­ished home of her beloved sis­ter Stephanie. Although Eric is thrilled to host the wed­ding for his sis­ter-in-law, sure that Stephanie will be look­ing down upon her fondly on the day, Quinn im­me­di­ately ob­jects! The last thing she wants re­mind­ing of is that Stephanie once reigned supreme in the home that now be­longs to her!

Pre­dictably, Pam gets the hump and as the women ar­gue over the wed­ding venue, she shows signs of re­vert­ing to form, aghast at Quinn’s nasty com­ments about her his­tory of men­tal in­sta­bil­ity! Seething, Pam tells her not to even think about ru­in­ing the cer­e­mony.

Not about to let Quinn win, Pam tack­les Eric – want­ing to know if he feels the same way about the wed­ding as his wife. With Pam pe­ti­tion­ing Eric, Quinn cor­ners Char­lie, clearly out to stir trou­ble by sug­gest­ing he for­get about mar­ry­ing Pam! In­censed at Quinn’s mean, toxic in­ter­fer­ence, Char­lie re­ports back to his fi­ancée – and she’s livid! Pam con­fronts Quinn but Eric’s at­tempt to ref­eree the ver­bal tirade is in vain as the ladies end up in a phys­i­cal tus­sle over Stephanie’s por­trait, end­ing with Quinn stick­ing her foot right through it!

That’s like wav­ing a red rag at a bull as Pam lashes out, en­sur­ing that her new foe gets the mes­sage… while Eric stands by, watch­ing on in dis­ap­point­ment at his wife’s be­hav­iour, de­ter­mined to see that one of his favourite blon­des gets the spe­cial day she’s al­ways wanted. Watch this space!

QUINN It’s an art at­tack as Quinn (Rena Sofer) has a crack at Pam (Al­ley Mills) CHAR­LIE

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