DOWN among the DEAD MEN

Two Genoa City men take their fi­nal breaths, or at least ap­pear to, leav­ing their loved ones to pick up the pieces! What’s hap­pen­ing this month in Genoa City on Eleven?

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zero in­ter­est in her for­mer psy­chi­a­trist TIM

REID’s tale of the tape and his at­tempt to black­mail her with her recorded con­fes­sion to al­most killing CHRIS­TINE in 1994,

PHYL­LIS flatly re­fuses to have sex with the love-starved doc­tor. She does, how­ever, give in and pay him cash to dis­ap­pear… only for MICHAEL’s in­sis­tence on de­pos­ing Tim for her trial pro­ceed­ings to ruin that plan. In or­der to keep Tim’s mouth shut, Phyl­lis plots a sexy se­duc­tion – but the ea­ger beaver keels over from an over­dose of erec­tile dys­func­tion med­i­ca­tion!

Star­ing at Tim (Aaron Lustig), think­ing he’s dead, Phyl­lis (Michelle Stafford) calls on

KEVIN (Greg Rikaart) to help dis­pose of the corpse be­fore it goes Week­end at Bernie’s! Phyl­lis and Kevin ferry Tim across town to dump him in his apart­ment to make it look like he carked it at home. Then Tim’s neigh­bour catches them! It’s hard get­ting rid of a stiff! Also seem­ingly snuff­ing it,

VIC­TOR (Eric Brae­den) causes pan­de­mo­nium when his rid­er­less horse eerily reap­pears at the New­man Sta­bles just hours af­ter he’s mar­ried Sharon! A con­fused Mrs New­man can’t find him any­where and soon ev­ery­one pre­sumes he’s dead! Af­ter be­ing dis­in­her­ited in his will, Sharon de­stroys the proof and takes the CEO reins at New­man En­ter­prises! In re­al­ity, Vic­tor is alive and wan­der­ing around LA, suf­fer­ing from am­ne­sia. Quickly court­ing trou­ble which leads to vi­o­lence, he needs med­i­cal aid and finds his guardian an­gel in a kindly nun, with­out a clue his loved ones are try­ing to stop Sharon ru­in­ing his beloved busi­ness! SW


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