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On B&B, Tay­lor keeps say­ing that Brooke in­ter­fered with her mar­riage to Ridge when they were rais­ing their chil­dren. I re­mem­ber that Tay­lor was pre­sumed dead and Ridge and Brooke mar­ried and raised the chil­dren while while she was off play­ing Princess Laila and help­ing or­phans. The scriptwrit­ers seem to be clearly anti-Brooke, and although she and Tay­lor sowed thier wild oats, it’s only Brooke who has it thrown in her face, even by Tay­lor. She’s con­sid­ered a woman of prin­ci­ple, yet could’ve been “struck off ” for snoop­ing in Brooke’s med­i­cal records and blab­bing the con­tents. She’s also as nutty as a fruit­cake! The story’s not go­ing the way I’d like! Liam should’ve mar­ried

St­effy, whom he re­ally loves. In­stead the writ­ers will have him want­ing to be with St­effy when the nov­elty of this mar­riage to Hope wears off. I wanted a new faith­ful man for Hope, one who’d love her com­pletely. Betty Lowis, Kep­nock, Qld


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