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Haunted by vi­sions of a razed and des­o­late world in which she’s de­voured by dis­ease-rid­den can­ni­bals lurk­ing at Miss Ro­bichaux’s Academy, Cordelia fi­nally ap­points Michael Lang­don as the supreme leader of the coven, un­aware she’s re­ally con­demn­ing the witches and war­locks’ fates to the An­tiChrist! As Michael passes the Seven Won­ders tests to as­cend his throne, Cordelia and her en­tourage be­lieve they’ve made a mis­take and in­ves­ti­gate Michael’s ori­gins at the Mur­der House where he’d ear­lier slaugh­tered sev­eral vic­tims. Ad­vised by the ghost of Vivien Har­mon that Michael is a Satanic be­ing who’ll cause the Apoc­a­lypse, Cordelia sum­mons Papa Legba, a spirit from Hell, to help her ban­ish Michael to the Un­der­world. Un­for­tu­nately, the plot fails, con­demn­ing ev­ery witch and war­lock to death. Their last hope is to bury the soul of the mur­dered Miriam Mead so Michael can’t use her as a con­duit for killing. Leav­ing trails of slain corpses in his wake, Michael uses Mead, re­gen­er­ated as a ro­bot, to help kill witches! How­ever, Cordelia es­capes to Misty Day’s shack in the Louisiana swamps, hop­ing that a time travel spell will save her and the few witches left!


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