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With baby­ma­mas Hope and St­effy at log­ger­heads thanks to their mums, Liam’s in a right pickle on The Bold and the Beau­ti­ful

WAR & peace

They have many faults, but there’s one thing St­effy and Hope can agree upon. They’re both fiercely loyal to their fam­i­lies, es­pe­cially their con­stantly war­ring moth­ers Tay­lor and Brooke, and caught amid the lat­est tur­moil, nei­ther woman is about to yield and ac­cept the other’s opin­ion has merit.

Af­ter an in­creas­ingly shaky Tay­lor (Hunter Tylo) bar­rages a con­flicted Liam (Scott Clifton) with pleas to ac­cept that, de­spite shoot­ing Bill (Don Di­a­mont) and get­ting away with it ear­lier in the year, she poses no threat or dan­ger to his and St­effy’s (Jac­que­line MacInnes Wood) baby daugh­ter Kelly, St­effy adamantly en­treats her ex-hus­band to be­lieve that Tay­lor acted in a mo­ment of tem­po­rary in­san­ity. She def­i­nitely isn’t about to harm Kelly or any­one else for that mat­ter. Strug­gling to sway his opin­ion of her mother’s men­tal state, St­effy loses her rag, huff­ing that the real prob­lem in their lives is Brooke (Kather­ine Kelly Lang) and Hope (An­nika Noelle) run­ning around town spread­ing the shoot­ing news! They need to stop… now!

Far from zip­ping her lips, Brooke ramps up the ten­sion with her wild warn­ings to a preg­nant Hope that Tay­lor is un­pre­dictable and ca­pa­ble of the most ex­treme be­hav­iour when un­der in­tense pres­sure. Alarmed by her mother’s words, Hope wants to be­lieve her, sym­pa­this­ing and un­der­stand­ing Brooke’s po­si­tion in light of the decades she’s spent bat­tling Tay­lor.

How­ever, Hope and St­effy are now in a pe­riod of their lives where they’ve struck a har­mo­nious pact to co-ex­ist peace­fully with the chil­dren they’re giv­ing Liam, and the last thing Hope wants is to drive a knife through it and ruin the dy­namic they’ve forged.

St­effy feels the same but

“St­effy loses her tem­per, huff­ing that the real prob­lem is Brooke and Hope spread­ing the shoot­ing news!”

she’s again mo­ti­vated to act af­ter Brooke in­ter­feres, de­mand­ing Liam take what­ever ac­tion is nec­es­sary to pro­tect both sides of his fam­ily from his un­sta­ble “mon­ster-in­law”. Riled up fur­ther af­ter Brooke blows up to find Tay­lor at home alone with Kelly, St­effy rants to Liam and Hope that the char­ac­ter as­sas­si­na­tion of her mother has to stop! Tay­lor sin­cerely re­grets what she did to Bill – it’s al­most de­stroyed her – but she’s ad­dress­ing her mis­take with in­tense ther­apy.

Fed up that St­effy can’t see sense and be rea­son­able, Hope fires off a shock­ing edict, order­ing Liam to choose whether he wants a fam­ily with her and their un­born baby girl or one with St­effy and Kelly... as it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to have a re­la­tion­ship with both of them! To Hope’s shock and dis­may, Liam re­luc­tantly sides with St­effy on the is­sues at hand, leav­ing a floored Hope in tears as she watches him play­ing with Kelly.

Seek­ing sup­port from her mother, Hope cries that Liam sup­ported St­effy over her, later in­sist­ing to her hus­band and Brooke that as long as Tay­lor lives with St­effy, ev­ery­one will have sep­a­rate hol­i­days. Liam will just have to make up his mind which of his daugh­ters he sees! Ou­traged, Liam sniffs that he won’t miss out on his daugh­ter’s first Christ­mas, sug­gest­ing the two women in his life come to some kind of an agree­ment.

Of­fer­ing a com­pro­mise to St­effy, Hope thinks she’s do­ing the right thing by sug­gest­ing that St­effy and Kelly join ev­ery­one else at the For­rester man­sion for Christ­mas... but Tay­lor isn’t in­vited! She’s on the naughty list! Flab­ber­gasted at the very idea that Hope wants her to ef­fec­tively con­sign her mother to the gut­ter for the fes­tive pe­riod, St­effy re­jects the com­pro­mise, leav­ing the women at a to­tal im­passe.

Once alone, St­effy breaks down in tears, the sad re­al­ity of her and Hope’s daugh­ters, bi­o­log­i­cal half-sis­ters, be­ing forced up to grow up quite separately, sink­ing in...

Nev­er­the­less, St­effy re­mains stead­fast in her re­solve never to turn against her mother, also vow­ing to fight Hope’s nasty agenda against her un­til she ul­ti­mately wins and makes her see sense... or else con­cede de­feat and re­lin­quish Liam to her and Kelly!


THE BOLD AND THE BEAU­TI­FUL WEEKDAYS 4.30PM ON 10 BROOKE Liam and Hope feel the pres­sure

It’s a tricky hol­i­day for Tay­lor and St­effy

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