Setting Up MusicCast...


With Bluetooth and AirPlay on board, each MusicCast component can work as a standalone unit. But of course the abilities are massively multiplied by connecting them to your network, to each other, and to Yamaha’s control app for MusicCast.

You do this by holding the ‘Connect’ button on each unit in turn for three seconds, which starts their status light flashing green and activates their own local Wi-Fi hotspot. You connect your smart device to this Wi-Fi, upon which you’re prompted to identify your preferred home network and enter the password, then wait while the unit connects. Return your own device to the home network and the device should then appear in the MusicCast app.

Unlike some systems where you need enter your Wi-Fi details only for the first device, with MusicCast we needed to enter the full Wi-Fi setup informatio­n for each device in turn. Our four test units all connected successful­ly, eventually. We gave the soundbar and the N500s a wired Ethernet connection to the network, which made a near-instant connection and skipped the whole Wi-Fi procedure. The others were slower, with significan­t waits while the app waited to ‘make the connection’; both of the units on Wi-Fi — the WX-080 and the ISX-80 — required multiple attempts. But all worked eventually, so persevere.

Once connected, you name the device as a room, and choose a picture from Yamaha’s impossibly beautiful home shots (yes, our living room and kitchen look just like that, sure). But under ‘Room Settings’ you can choose an actual image from your smart device’s photo library, and an app update came through while we were reviewing so that you can now shoot your room pic straight from the app (below — scroll right to the bottom for this option).

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