Hub options


To go multiroom, or to have your inputs remote from the wireless speakers, Dynaudio has two main options.

The Xeo Hub has two analogue inputs plus optical, coaxial and USB digital inputs; it supports files up to 24-bit/ 96kHz but transmits to the speakers at a maximum of 16-bit/48kHz.

In our testing we used the higher-spec Connect, which has the same inputs but adds a Wi-Fi connection to your home network, enabling DLNA and Spotify Connect, plus Bluetooth. It can stream at 24/96 to one speaker pair or at 16/48 in multiroom mode to four sets of speakers.

Then there is a Xeo Extend, useful if you need to increase the range to reach far-flung Xeo speakers, and a Xeo Link, which receives the wireless output of the Xeo Hub and can output it in analogue or digital for any audio device to replay.

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