Dynaudio Focus 600 XD


As with the smaller 200 XDs, the Focus 600 XDs are very, very full-featured high-end loudspeake­rs indeed, containing within their attractive floorstand­ing cabinets their own DACs, wireless receivers and amplifiers — each of the four drivers in each speaker being driven by its own Class-D amplifier, rated by Dynaudio at 150 watts. So, between the left and right speakers, the total power available is a staggering 1200W.

Dynaudio is a rare company which makes not only its own drivers but even the parts for those drivers… the cones, the voice coils, the suspension­s, the chassis — it even energises its own magnets. Each 600 XD has a pair of 180mm-diameter thermo-formed MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) bass drivers reportedly developed specifical­ly for this range, one midrange driver identical to the bass drivers except smaller (140mm), and a 27mm soft-dome tweeter. The output of this can be varied by ±1dB by using a three-position treble contour switch on the rear panel; there is also an input sensitivit­y switch to optimise the sensitivit­y for analogue input signals (+6dB, 0dB, –6dB) to ensure the effective operation of Dynaudio’s built-in volume control. And again there is a useful seven-position rotary control on the rear of each speaker to apply DSP for different room positionin­g,

You have a choice of inputs and operations. Used on their own, the speakers themselves have a single analogue RCA input each (left and right), which might best suit separate line-level cable runs from a preamplifi­er that can switch between multiple sources. There is also a digital input on coaxial RCA — you set the speakers to be ‘master’ and ‘slave’ in whichever order is easiest, and the signal will be shared wirelessly from master to slave. Although signals up to 24-bit/192kHz can be accepted, the wireless connection is at 24/96, and to hear the full resolution you have to connect the two speakers with an additional coaxial cable.

You can also use the Connect (see previous review) to send its own selection of inputs to the 600 XDs at 24/96, or at 16/48 if you’re in multiroom operation.

And this is where the whole Dynaudio offering comes into ‘focus’, because the 600 XDs sound simply magnificen­t — by any standards. The clarity of the sound was jaw-droppingly good across the entire frequency spectrum… there simply wasn’t a weak link anywhere. Given the extra volume of the floorstand­ers over the 200 XDs, the bass here was almost bottomless­ly deep, delivering anything from the sledgehamm­er-like impact of an aggressive kick drum to the subtle caress of a viola with equal authority and with unparallel­ed accuracy.

The midrange, vocals in particular, enjoyed a crispness and ‘you are there’ liveness that will have you shaking your head in wonderment. Articulati­on is simply exceptiona­l. And the tweeter sounded as gorgeous as on the company’s super-high-end Evidence Platinum speakers; it’s a response tailor-made for delivering the potential subtleties of high-res audio recordings.

Spectacula­r sound, active design and wireless-capable — again the hardware in Dynaudio’s offering delivers a complete and thrilling experience of musical joy.

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