Set-up involves


connecting each unit to your Wi-Fi network — the HK system uses 2.4kHz only and there is no Ethernet option even on the largest of the three units. Connection can be made quickly using WPS if your router supports it; we tried the second method anyway, where you hold the reset button on your unit of choice for five seconds until the top symbol pulses on and off, then use your smart device to connect to its own Wi-Fi hotspot in the usual way, returning to the app to follow instructio­ns, typing in your Wi-Fi security password.

We connected the Omni 10 first, and were delighted to find everything worked quickly as advertised, followed by an invitation to upgrade the firmware, which took a few more minutes without further interactio­n. A message confirmed successful set-up, and returned us to our usual Wi-Fi connection.

The second unit set up was the Adapt, which had a glitch, first time from our error (we had pressed the WPS button instead of the Reset button — they’re identical and labelled in black on black, so an easy mistake to make), second time for no apparent reason it sat there connecting but didn’t ask for our Wi-Fi password until we did a few random swipes of the app, backwards then forwards. The third unit, the Omni 20, did this same pause during connection; the same bit of swiping seemed to wake it up. All in all we had the three units up and running in about 30 minutes, including upgrades.

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