Bluesound very much delivers

on its goal to be a high-fidelity wireless and multiroom-capable system, not merely an audio system of convenienc­e. As an example of this, we put the Powernode 2 here to work behind speakers retailing at $999, $4000 and $14,000, and the amps weren’t lacking in power even when giving things a right old crank — a sign of the quality of the ‘HybridDigi­tal’ amplificat­ion within, borrowed from stablemate NAD (as used in its digital D 3020 and others). We haven’t heard a cleaner bettersoun­ding multiroom amplifier unit.

Meanwhile the all-out revisions made for Bluesound Gen 2 have delivered more décor-friendly and convenient designs while adding the obvious Gen 1 omission of Bluetooth and a wider range of standalone speaker solutions for smaller rooms.

And the all-important app here is both attractive and intuitive. Once your networked music libraries have been fully scanned you can enjoy playlists flitting between online sources (Tidal especially recommende­d here) to high-resolution network streaming, mixing and matching your music with fingertip control. Exactly what a modern hi-fi should achieve.

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