Overall verdict


the previous iteration of SoundTouch refined the system using ‘crowd feedback’ from their helplines and forum posts, while Series III brings new designs and exterior finishes, switches Apple’s AirPlay for Bluetooth (we’d prefer both, really, as offered by Yamaha), and adds more format support including FLAC and apparently high-res Apple Lossless. New dual-band Wi-Fi should also improve wireless performanc­e, not that this seemed deficient with the previous generation.

While the speaker units may not be the very top performers in the world of wireless audio, the 10 and the 30 reviewed here are most certainly competitiv­e at their respective prices, and the more we use the SoundTouch platform itself, the more we enjoy it — particular­ly that ability to walk in, press a button and have music instantly available without having to fumble with your smartphone.

The wide range of available systems with SoundTouch is another benefit of Bose’s system, as is the variety of controller­s — an easy-to-use app, PC and Mac software, and actual traditiona­l remote controls too! Top marks for making the potential complexiti­es easy to handle.

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