axis Voice Box s



Two talented and gifted audiophile designers have combined to create a world class monitor loudspeake­r.

Brad Serhan and John Reilly have achieved something very special with The Axis Voice Box S.

A small, bass reflex- rear ported design with a 50mm Metal true ribbon High frequency transducer and a 133mm NOMEX paper bass transducer.

The Axis Voice Box S is an Australian classic bookshelf design destined to become one of the world’s most legendary loudspeake­rs of all time. Already achieving internatio­nal acclaim from audiophile­s, recording engineers, high end audio reviewers and astute listeners who are rediscover­ing and enjoying their music more than ever by owning a pair of these remarkable and compact 313mm high monitors .

The Axis Voice Box S loudspeake­rs are available in a magnificen­t High Gloss Black or High Gloss White finish. The matching high stands are available in Matte Black Crackle finish only.

Absolute classic sound and performanc­e in a very compact and unique design.

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