Musical FideliTy


Merlin sysTeM and round TaBle The Musical Fidelity Merlin System and Round Table turntable is a unique departure into multi-format audio for this traditiona­l UK Hi Fi company.

Comprising a 50 watt per channel amplifier with inputs for phono/AUX, USB, aptX Bluetooth, line in digital or analogue and high quality headphone amplifier. It has dual 24bit/192kHz DAC’s, and an Analogue to Digital Converter for digitising vinyl and other analogue sources.

The Musical Fidelity Merlin speakers are an attractive, compact, low distortion, flat response full range design with diffractio­n multiplier.

The Musical Fidelity Round Table is 33/45RPM belt drive design featuring unique balanced centre of gravity, custom polymer drive belt and a 25 year old aged African Blackwood pulley. It has a 230mm long aluminium tonearm with a mass of 14 grams. The Round Table comes standard fitted with the ubiquitous Audio Technica AT 95e cartridge but will suit cartridges from 5 to 13 grams in mass.

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