Limited Editions


Time is precious, so anniversar­ies are celebrated with special editions featuring precious materials. Canada’s Simaudio Moon is marking its 40th year with a run of just 40 Anniversar­y Edition versions of the Moon 680D streaming DAC and 600i v2 integrated amplifier (above), with vintage red chassis and gold chassis, each with a commemorat­ive gold plate embossed with logo and individual serial numbers — plus matching remote control and flight cases. Price is $50,000 the set:

Bowers & Wilkins is celebratin­g the 25th anniversar­y of its 600 series speakers with a 600 Series Anniversar­y Edition (of which more to come), and has also announced a Carbon edition of its PX7 wireless NC headphones (below), which have a deep black finish with contrastin­g diamond-cut logo and bezel edge on the earcup. Price is the usual $599: www.bowerswilk­

Sennheiser is marking no fewer than 75 years since it began under Fritz

Sennheiser as Laboratori­um Wenneboste­l, or ‘Labor W’, celebratin­g with an Anniversar­y Edition of its acclaimed HD 800 S headphone in gold, a limited run of 750 with individual serial numbers. The price is $2599.95, same as the standard black version:

REL is celebratin­g 30 years, and has a ‘Carbon’ Special limited edition subwoofer featuring REL’s third-gen carbon-fibre 12-inch driver plus new bespoke CSP passive driver, and subtle use of carbonfibr­e detailing among the silver accents. Price is $6499 (for one: the picture shows three stacked): www.synergyaud­

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