Invisible speaker manufactur­er Nakymatone says that when it measured rival in-wall ‘invisible’ speakers, it found more sound coming from behind them than into the room. Their solution is to combine a ‘floating’ design with a full back-box, avoiding wasted sound energy through the back. Another key difference with these Europeande­signed and Canadian-built speakers is that instead of convention­al drivers they use a flat-panel transducer, the company’s Controlled Resonance Technology, generating resonances originatin­g from multiple locations on a flat panel to generate a frequency range which on the top ‘Echt’ model spans 60Hz to 20kHz within very small fluctuatio­ns in amplitude. An advantage of the flat-panel sound is a 180-degree distributi­on pattern, horizontal and vertical, spreading the sound widely in a room.

They are designed to fit into wall spaces (depth is only 79mm) near-flush to the drywall, then are covered with “a final skim in the same manner trade plasters are used to, no special training required”, says Cogworks, which distribute­s the brand in Australia. The wall can then be painted. Cogworks has just released new pricing for the range, from $1499 to $2799 per speaker, with a 10-year replacemen­t warranty. More info:

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