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The Braven Mira is a larger unit than the images to the right and be­low might in­di­cate — the full unit is cir­cu­lar with a di­am­e­ter of just over 12cm, of which some 9.5cm is the speaker grille, sur­rounded by a rim that acts as the con­trol sur­face, of­fer­ing power, vol­ume and ‘play’ but­tons, this last dou­bling up as a call an­swer­ing but­ton should some­one ring while you are in­dulging in your ablu­tions of choice. The vol­ume but­tons can also be used for last/next track by press­ing and hold­ing.

The Braven’s price is the same as that of the Nude Au­dio unit, and it feels good and solid, with a good neo­prene flap over its charge port and aux­il­iary in­put. Its IPX5 wa­ter­proof rat­ing again pre­cludes di­rect dunk­ing but per­mits splashes and jets of wa­ter. The hang­ing strap is clearly int­edned for shower use, but keep it out of the wa­ter, not so much to pro­tect it, but be­cause the sound muf­fles when the grille gets wet. Wip­ing it un­muf­fles the sound. The stand folds down be­hind the unit if you want to sim­ply plonk it by the bath, or can be used at a re­clined an­gle, where it bet­ter al­lows any drips to run from its sur­face.

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