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the midrange fre­quen­cies. Sit­ting above th­ese driv­ers is a 25mm soft-dome tweeter with neodymium mag­net.

Their en­clo­sure stands 970mm tall, 205mm wide and 350mm deep. The bass re­flex port is at the rear and they are pro­vided with foam bungs in case you wish to tweak the way the bass is de­liv­ered. Also pro­vided are spikes. Richter rates their fre­quency re­sponse at 32 to 25,000Hz, sen­si­tiv­ity at 90dB, and rec­om­mends am­pli­fiers rated up to 250W. The Wiz­ards (and also the Mer­lins) adopt a gen­tle wedge shape, very slightly wider at the front than at the back.

Both th­ese and the cen­tre-chan­nel Grif­fin speaker are rated at four ohms im­ped­ance. You should en­sure that your AV re­ceiver is rated to han­dle low-im­ped­ance loud­speak­ers, and you may be re­quired to make a spe­cific set­ting for four-ohm speak­ers. Re­ceivers from at least one ma­jor brand (Yamaha) will be, at least ac­cord­ing to the com­pany’s pa­per­work, not suit­able for use with this sys­tem be­cause they at best sup­port 4-ohm loud­speak­ers only on the left and right front chan­nels.

The Grif­fin cen­tre sports two 105mm midrange driv­ers, one ei­ther side of the same kind of tweeter used in the Wiz­ards. This en­clo­sure looks mid-sized from the front, mea­sur­ing 495mm wide by 165mm tall, but it’s quite deep at 385mm. It has two bass re­flex ports at the rear, so care should be taken to make sure it can breathe. Oth­er­wise, set the cross­over to the sub­woofer in your re­ceiver to at least 80Hz so that there’s lit­tle out­put at the in­tended port res­o­nance. Richter spec­i­fies its fre­quency re­sponse at 48 to 25,000Hz, sen­si­tiv­ity at 89dB, with an am­pli­fier suit­abil­ity which ‘de­pends on the main speak­ers’.

The Se­ries V Mer­lin speak­ers are book­shelf-sized and serve as sur­round speak­ers. At 320mm tall, 230mm deep and 180mm wide, th­ese rear-ported bass re­flex speak­ers are quite sub­stan­tial units. Each has a quar­ter-inch threaded mount­ing point at the rear. With a sin­gle 105mm mid/bass and the same 25mm tweeter each, th­ese are rated at 55 to 25,000Hz, with a sen­si­tiv­ity of 87dB, am­pli­fier suit­abil­ity up to 150W, and im­ped­ance of six ohms.

All of th­ese speak­ers are avail­able in black oak or Jar­rah fin­ish, and all are fit­ted four gold­plated bind­ing posts, suit­able for bi-wiring.

The Thor sub­woofer is also a Se­ries V unit. This is a nice big unit fea­tur­ing a mix of tra­di­tional and mod­ern tech­nol­ogy. Tra­di­tional in that it has gen­er­ous di­men­sions of 500 by 440 by 450mm and a solid build in­di­cated by the 28kg of weight, and in the 300mm driver with up to 32mm ex­cur­sion op­er­at­ing in a twin ported en­clo­sure. There are both line-

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