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If you like to crank the TV while oth­ers sleep, lis­ten­ing on head­phones is a good so­lu­tion. Some TVs can now stream di­rectly to a pair of Blue­tooth head­phones, but for bet­ter (CD-qual­ity) sound we’ve long been fans of Sennheiser’s RS range of home wire­less head­phones. This year the Ger­man head­phone meis­ters re­leased a prod­uct which de­liv­ers the wire­less technology but al­lows you to plug in your own pre­ferred head­phones. And that’s the $349.95 Sennheiser Flex 5000 we’re recog­nis­ing here.

The Flex 5000 com­prises a trans­mit­ter and re­ceiver pair. The trans­mit­ter is the larger unit in the pic­ture above, re­sem­bling an over­sized re­mote con­trol, with sock­etry at its top, and a mag­netic bond­ing space for the smaller re­ceiver unit at the bot­tom. Plug in ei­ther an op­ti­cal cable from your TV or a mini­jack cable from your TV’s head­phone socket (both ca­bles are in­cluded), then take the lit­tle re­ceiver unit from its charg­ing dock, use the clip on the back to fix it to your cloth­ing of choice, and plug your pre­ferred head­phones into the mini­jack head­phone out­put on the bot­tom (Sennheiser does gen­er­ously in­clude a pair of MX 475 in-ear phones in the box).

“Bring your own head­phones and plug them into Sennheiser’s proven dig­i­tal wire­less trans­mis­sion sys­tem. A great so­lu­tion for TV au­dio and music.”

Set-up is pretty much id­iot­proof; we ran op­ti­cal from our TV and ana­logue from our hi-fi amp’s tape loop, so by switch­ing between them we could en­joy wire­less music as well as TV sound all in full hi-fi qual­ity, on our favourite head­phones. Neat, clever, easy, and fine au­dio qual­ity at its heart. Info:

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