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AudioQuest is ex­pand­ing its en­ty­mol­ogy beyond the DragonFly col­lec­tion to in­clude a new $349 ‘Beetle’, a multi-pur­pose DAC with three in­put op­tions — USB from com­puter and op­ti­cal (both to 24/96) plus, most in­ter­est­ingly, Blue­tooth. The Beetle then uses its ESS 9010 DAC to pro­vide an an­logue out­put to your head­phones or am­pli­fier of choice. The Blue­tooth is in­ter­est for its de­scrip­tion as ‘asyn­chro­nous’ — im­ply­ing that data in­tegrity is favoured over avoid­ing la­tency is­sues, with cor­rupted frames re­trans­mit­ted, po­ten­tially a buœer­ing is­sue in real-time au­dio. The Beetle is dis­trib­uted in Aus­tralia by Am­ber Technology:­

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