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NEAR (New Eng­land Acous­tic Re­search) has been per­fect­ing out­door speak­ers and their am­pli­fiers for 30 years, we were told by the ge­nial Mr Pete Baker (right) at In­te­grate. “So over 30 years, any po­ten­tial fail­ure point they’ve re­moved com­pletely or in­tro­duced more durable ma­te­ri­als. The driv­ers are me­tal, much more durable than plas­tic or pa­per, and they re­placed the butyl rub­ber sur­round with a more durable polypropy­lene and tuned that so we don’t get any ring­ing or col­oration even though we’re us­ing a me­tal cone. They use stain­less steel for the grilles, they looked at the tra­di­tional plas­tic en­clo­sures and made that more durable, rigid and in­ert so it doesn’t colour the sound; they in­ject mica into the poly­mer, along with colour and UV pro­tec­tion. I’ve had these speak­ers on my deck for three years — un­der sev­eral feet of snow, 30 de­grees in sum­mer, and you just wouldn’t know to look at them. They’re re­ally re­ally durable.” More info: www.ava­

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