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The Mu­sic Hall mmf 1.5 is a three-speed (33⅓, 45 and 78rpm), belt-driven turntable — with dust­cover — that comes com­plete with a ton­earm into which has been pre­in­stalled a ‘Melody’ mov­ing-mag­net phono car­tridge. And it also has a built-in phono pream­pli­fier, so the mmf1.5 can be con­nected di­rectly to the line in­put of any am­pli­fier… quite handy given that in re­cent years not a few am­pli­fier man­u­fac­tur­ers have done away with phono in­puts on their prod­ucts (though most are now rush­ing to put them back again!).

If you don’t think there’s any­thing at all re­mark­able about the pre­vi­ous para­graph, it’s be­cause you haven’t peeked at the rec­om­mended retail price of the Mu­si­cal Hall mmf 1.5. No need to peek; we’ll tell you. You’ll get change from six hun­dred bucks.

Why do we think that’s re­mark­able? Be­cause we have re­viewed a great many turntables whose dust­cover is an op­tional extra that will set you back around $100. And most turntables don’t have a phono pream­pli­fier built in, so if you need one, you’ll be up for any­thing from $150 for a ba­sic no-frills model, to... well, see our phono stage awards for more on phono pream­pli­fiers.

Then there’s the car­tridge that comes supplied with the mmf 1.5. The Melody is made es­pe­cially for Mu­sic Hall by au­dio-tech­nica, whose most pop­u­lar low-cost car­tridge is the AT-95, which usu­ally re­tails for around $80. So if you had to buy a dust­cover, a preamp and a car­tridge, you’d be up for $330, which is al­ready more than half what Mu­sic Hall is ask­ing for its mmf 1.5, with which all three come as stan­dard.

And check the fin­ish! — most bud­get turntables look like bud­get turntables, whereas Mu­sic Hall has made the mmf 1.5 as flash as pos­si­ble, from its high-gloss cherry-wood ve­neered fin­ish and nicely en­gi­neered S-shaped ton­earm (which has a re­mov­able head­shell) to its high-qual­ity hinged Per­spex dust­cover. And it has a high-qual­ity heavy-duty rub­ber plat­ter mat, not your flimsy felt.

The sound it de­liv­ered was also ex­cel­lent for the price, pre­sent­ing ad­mirable de­tail, good chan­nel sep­a­ra­tion and ex­cel­lent fre­quency ex­ten­sion in both the bass and the tre­ble. It also tracks re­mark­ably well… if no­tice­ably less so on the in­ner­most tracks of an LP.

For get­ting back to the black stuff, to hear the way vinyl can de­liver ‘mood’ bet­ter than dig­i­tal, we salute this $599 ex­cep­tional-value per­former, which also looks ex­cep­tion­ally good into the bar­gain. More info: www.con­voy.com.au

JUDGES’ COM­MENT “For get­ting back to the black stuff, to hear the way vinyl can de­liver ‘mood’ bet­ter than dig­i­tal, we salute this ex­cep­tional-value per­former.”

Con­voy In­ter­na­tional’s Steve Bur­ton col­lects the Award for Mu­sic Hall.

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