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What we liked best about the $6500 B&W 702 S2 loud­speak­ers was that ev­ery­thing we played through them sounded great. Rather than aim­ing for stu­dio mon­i­tor-like ac­cu­racy, B&W in­stead seems to have en­gi­neered this de­sign to make what­ever mu­sic you play through them sound richer, more mu­si­cal and more ex­cit­ing… in a way al­most larger-than-life, yet at the same time not. The re­sult is that the B&W 702 S2 speak­ers will be able to fill even the largest room with great sound at high vol­ume lev­els.

The cab­i­net of the 702 S2 is cor­nered rather than curved like the com­pany’s higher mod­els, and that seems to have left funds for a goodly dose of ‘high-tech’ driver tech­nol­ogy, in­clud­ing the clas­sic ‘tweeter on top’ in its jet-en­gine-like alu­minium hous­ing, the 25mm ‘car­bon’ dome di­aphragm on the front a brand­new de­sign for B&W. The ‘Con­tin­uum’ midrange weave has trick­led down in an amended form from the flag­ship 800 Se­ries D3, as has the triple-layer ‘sand­wich’ of the three 165mm-di­am­e­ter bass driv­ers, and though here the sand­wich is of pa­per with in­ner lay­ers of ex­panded poly­styrene, the com­bi­na­tion de­liv­ers a rich bot­tom-end that works won­der­fully well across gen­res in this friendly and suc­cess­ful de­sign. More info: www.bow­

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