It should come as lit­tle sur­prise that NAD Elec­tron­ics were hon­oured by the 2017 CES In­no­va­tion Awards. Since 1972, the com­pany have al­ways worked to push the front­line of high-end hi-fi ex­pe­ri­ences for­ward and seize the mar­ket to its fullest po­ten­tial. T

SoundMag - - Nad - Writ­ten by Fer­gus Hal­l­i­day

First up, the com­pany’s new NAD C

338 am­pli­fier. The com­pany say it ties to­gether all the crit­i­cal el­e­ments of a high-end mu­sic sys­tem, tap­ping into a deep reser­voir of power in or­der to de­liver au­dio ex­pe­ri­ences with all the nu­ance and depth they de­serve.

Like the best NAD prod­ucts, it’s in­tel­li­gent, pow­er­ful and ef­fi­cient - valu­ing per­for­mance and af­ford­abil­ity in equal re­gard. It boasts a MM Phono stage with highly-ac­cu­rate RIAA equal­i­sa­tion, em­pow­ered over­load mar­gins, im­proved chan­nel bal­ance and low cir­cuits.

As more el­e­gantly put by NAD, “every de­tail of this am­pli­fier has been care­fully de­signed and per­fectly ex­e­cuted to wring out every last drop of per­for­mance.”

The C 338’s old-school specs are neatly bal­anced out by an ar­ray of mod­ern com­pat­i­bil­i­ties. The C 338 can con­nect via Blue­tooth or Wi-Fi in ad­di­tion to phys­i­cal ca­bles. NAD say the C 338 uses a cus­tom­ized ver­sion of the Hypex UcD out­put stage to al­low for mas­sive power with nearly un­mea­sur­able dis­tor­tion and noise in the au­di­ble range. Of course, you’re go­ing to need some­thing to de­liver con­tent to the C 338. That’s where the new C 568 CD Player comes in. Pack­ing a Wolf­son 24-bit dig­i­tal to ana­logue con­verter, ul­tra-high pre­ci­sion clock mo­d­ule and a hefty Toroid power sup­ply - it’s set to de­liver on all front.

NAD say the new model is set to make bold strides and fol­low in the foot­steps of its award-win­ning pre­de­ces­sor. They say they’ve im­proved low fre­quency slams while also en­hanc­ing tim­bal ac­cu­racy and har­monic struc­ture. Tech­ni­cally, it’s both an en­core and a crowd-pleaser.

There’s been a lot of tin­ker­ing un­der the hood here - but it’s all been for the bet­ter. High-end CD play­ers rarely res­onate on both the per­for­mance and pric­ing side of things. With the C 568, NAD looks set to play a per­fect melody and bring down the house with­out break­ing the bank.

The NAD C338 re­tails for RRP $999 and the NAD C 568 for RRP $1,099.

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