Rega Pla­nar 6

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Rega’s Pla­nar 6 of­fers the same phe­no­lic-resin “dou­ble brace” found in the Pla­nar 3, the same RB303 ’arm, and a whole lot more. Re­plac­ing Rega’s tra­di­tional glass plat­ter/felt mat is a two-piece, 16mm-thick fly­wheel/plat­ter made of two joined pieces of float glass. An outer ring adds mass to the cir­cum­fer­ence, in­creas­ing the plat­ter’s nat­u­ral fly­wheel ef­fect, thus im­prov­ing speed sta­bil­ity, ac­cu­racy, and con­sis­tency. The new sub­plat­ter adds an alu­minium “top hub adap­tor” with six-raised plateaus to en­sure the flat­test pos­si­ble sur­face for LPs to rest on. The alu­minium/rub­ber feet, too, are a step up from Rega’s stan­dard rub­ber-cup-like units. More­over, the Pla­nar 6 comes stan­dard with the TT PSU power sup­ply, a must for top per­for­mance. Note the large im­prove­ments in dy­namic nu­ance and ex­plo­sive­ness, tonal and tex­tu­ral de­tail, size and depth of stage, and sheer mu­si­cal­ity.

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