SOTA Comet IV with S303 ton­earm

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SOTA, which stands for State of the Art, has been build­ing turnta­bles for well over 30 years. Its top-end models use the com­pany’s well-known float­ing seis­mic iso­la­tion sys­tem, which hangs from a four-point sprung sus­pen­sion. Be­cause that tech­nique is costly to ex­e­cute, SOTA’s more af­ford­able models, such as the Comet, use in­ter­nal damp­ing to iso­late the chas­sis from vi­bra­tion. Round­ing out this ex­cel­lent de­sign is the Comet’s bear­ing cup, which is made from a Te­flon-im­preg­nated self-lu­bri­cat­ing poly­mer; the plat­ter assem­bly con­sists of a high-den­sity poly­mer main plat­ter sit­ting atop a poly­mer-based sub-plat­ter driven by a 24-pole AC syn­chro­nous mo­tor. The re­sult­ing sound is at once easy and au­thor­i­ta­tive, warm, rich, and solid, with wide and nu­anced dy­nam­ics, and a large 3D sound­stage. A great sound­ing ’ta­ble at a great price.

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