Rega RP8

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An ex­am­ple of the re­cent, rapid evo­lu­tion of Rega’s de­signs, the RP8 is a “skele­tal” de­sign, which in­cludes not just the shape but also the ma­te­rial of the plinth—a sand­wich of phe­no­lic resin skins over a core fab­ri­cated from “feath­er­weight, ni­tro­gen ex­panded, closed-cell poly­olefin.” A three-piece, “su­per fly­wheel” plat­ter made of float glass and the newly fash­ioned RB808 ’arm is also found in this (for now) top model. The sound of the RP8 brings new lev­els of trans­parency, fine de­tail, sound­stage def­i­ni­tion, and drive to the al­ways en­gag­ing—now more so—Rega sound, along with a tonal rich­ness, weight, and dy­namic thrust that we’ve never be­fore ex­pe­ri­enced from any Rega de­sign. In the past, one of­ten qual­i­fied a Rega rec­om­men­da­tion as “good for the money.”The RP8 is sim­ply one of the best mid-priced de­signs on the mar­ket.

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