Mas­ter and Dy­namic MW50 Stylish Head­phones For Those With Cash To Spare

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Head­phones are more than just a way for a per­son to lis­ten to mu­sic. Peo­ple can use them as a fash­ion ac­ces­sory, a must have for the gym or an es­sen­tial piece of equip­ment for a job; The Mas­ter and Dy­namic MW50 falls un­der the fash­ion ac­ces­sory cat­e­gory, de­spite the price.

These head­phones are for those who want a good-look­ing au­dio prod­uct and have no qualms with the price tag.

What you get in the box are the head­phones, a case for the charg­ing cord, a bag to keep them in and a thick in­struc­tion book for the MW50.

Sound Qual­ity

I first tried these head­phones out on my flight to Perth for the Easter break. What bet­ter way to test out a head­phones ca­pa­bil­ity by see­ing how it copes against loud Air­bus en­gines.

Sur­pris­ingly, I didn’t need the vol­ume up too much to block out the con­stant plane whirring, I’d say my vol­ume lev­els were at 30 per cent.

I used them on another flight to Mel­bourne where a tod­dler was scream­ing her lungs out in the seat be­hind me, so I popped these on and cranked up the vol­ume. The sound of earpierc­ing scream­ing faded away.

The MW50 has cus­tom 40mm driv­ers made from beryl­lium, a ma­te­rial which Mas­ter and Dy­namic say has ‘un­beat­able rigid­ity-to-weight ra­tio’ cre­at­ing a ‘rich, de­tailed and ex­pan­sive sound pro­file’.

Un­for­tu­nately, the sound qual­ity for the MW50 changes de­pend­ing on the en­vi­ron­ment you’re in. If I’m in a quiet of­fice or my house the sound is clear and ev­ery nu­ance can be heard. When I’m out in pub­lic, whether it be on pub­lic trans­port or walk­ing around I don’t get the same clar­ity when I’m in a quiet place.

They don’t have good noise iso­la­tion which should be a pri­or­ity when these are a high­end prod­uct.

Mas­ter and Dy­namic claim you can use the MW50 up to 100 feet away (30.5m) from a con­nected de­vice whether it be a tablet, smart­phone etc.

I got maybe 15 me­tres away and the au­dio started crack­ling then walked an ex­tra cou­ple of me­tres and the sound conked out.

I have no prob­lem with a Blue­tooth head­set not be­ing able to func­tion when it is not near a con­nected de­vice but when a prod­uct can­not fol­low through with its com­pany’s claim that’s when I think ‘why bother say­ing that?’


The MW50 only has a few but­tons and switches giv­ing a more min­i­mal look.

The on and off switch is lo­cated on the left cup with an ad­di­tional notch on the switch for pair­ing.

The up, down and play/pause but­tons are on the right cup.

The con­trols are the usual for head­phones, hold­ing down the up but­ton skipped a track, hold­ing down the down but­ton went back a track.

To up the vol­ume you had to press the up but­ton which is nor­mal. How­ever, I found I had to re­ally at­tack the up but­ton to get some sort of in­crease in vol­ume, the same went for the down but­ton.

These head­phones also have a mi­cro­phone em­bed­ded in them so when you get a call you don’t have to do the awk­ward rou­tine of an­swer­ing, yelling hold on, pulling off the head­phones and then tak­ing the call.

I had a bit of trou­ble us­ing the mi­cro­phone when an­swer­ing calls with only one suc­cess­ful con­ver­sa­tion had with the MW50 on, the other oc­ca­sions I had to take them off and use the hand­set like a nor­mal per­son.

The down­side to a lot of Blue­tooth de­vices is when they’re in use, they churn so much of your bat­tery you don’t even re­alise.

The MW50 head­phones take my iPhone down from say 93 per cent when I leave my house to around 75 per cent when I head to the of­fice. I do play a few games on the train and re­spond to mes­sages/check emails dur­ing my com­mute, but those ac­tions don’t take that much bat­tery when I use my go-to earphones.

Bat­tery Life

The bat­tery life in the MW50 is some­thing the com­pany should be proud of and some­thing I am a huge fan of. Mas­ter and Dy­namic says the bat­tery lasts for 16 hours and I’ve got­ten more hours than that from them.

I use the head­phones for an hour to get to work and 45 min­utes back so nearly 2 hours each day. I have also used them on four sep­a­rate flights, all for about an hour each jour­ney.

Only af­ter three weeks of in­ter­mit­ted use dur­ing the work­ing week plus a few plane rides did I have to charge them.

When the bat­tery is low the bat­tery/head­phone icon will show a red line, it will also make a sad sound sug­gest­ing it’s time to pop the de­vice on charge.

I es­ti­mate for my first full charge I’ve got­ten around 18 hours of use. To charge them it takes 2.5 hours.


Mas­ter and Dy­namic says these head­phones are made from, ‘pre­mium leathers, stain­less steel and alu­minium, and fea­ture Mas­ter & Dy­namic’s sig­na­ture lamb­skin-cov­ered mem­ory foam ear pads’.

They come in ei­ther a beige or black colour.

Mas­ter and Dy­namic make some damn good­look­ing head­phones. For some­one who does not think they suit over the ear head­phones these don’t look too bulky on my nog­gin.

The com­pany says these are ’30 per cent smaller’ than the MW60 head­phones.

I did have an is­sue with the earcups as they sit right on the ear so when I’m wear­ing sun­glasses dur­ing the day, the com­bi­na­tion of the sun­glasses and earcup’s pres­sure on my ear cre­ates an un­com­fort­able sit­u­a­tion. In one oc­ca­sion, I had to switch to my iPhone head­phones (even the no­tion) as the pain was be­com­ing un­bear­able.

The ear cups them­selves are soft to touch but it does not feel like there is much pad­ding in the ear cups. It feels as if there is not much foam in the earcups.

Nor­mally af­ter an hour my ears start get­ting sore when wear­ing them but that has been the case for a num­ber of other over ear head­phones I’ve tried.

They have a smaller ear cup com­pared to the MW60, which en­gulfed the ear while these rest on top of the ear.

The pre­mium leather did not seem ‘pre­mium’ to me, af­ter us­ing the head­phones for a cou­ple of days, I saw a scuff mark on the band. When these head­phones are not in use I put them in their pro­tec­tive bag for that rea­son. For a prod­uct that brags about its pre­mium leather, it didn’t seem to last that long.


Mas­ter and Dy­namic head­phones are a high­end brand so the price point of $799.95 is un­der­stand­able.

But be­ing a high-end brand, you’d ex­pect to get 10/10 qual­ity in all as­pects whether it is sound or looks.

From what I’ve ex­pe­ri­enced you are pay­ing more for the aes­thet­ics than the sound qual­ity.

They can be pur­chased from David Jones in-store or on­line.


If you are all about look­ing good while lis­ten­ing to mu­sic these should be on your wish list.

The sound qual­ity is great, but the noise iso­la­tion is noth­ing to note. How­ever, if you’re on an air­plane want­ing to block out the back­ground noise you can do so with these head­phones.

The sound might not be the best in the world but the bat­tery life on these were true to claim as they lasted longer than the quoted 16 hours.

The old say­ing goes, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ but when it comes to these head­phones all you’re re­ally get­ting is a pretty piece of equip­ment with a strong bat­tery life.

Writ­ten by Athina Mal­lis

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