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7/8 The prof­its of which Amer­i­can’s 1990 al­bum The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy My Me­mories? went to pay for his $16 mil­lion back tax bill? (6,6) 10 What is the chief com­po­nent of cane or beet sugar? (7) 11 What word mean­ing “a look” came from a Hindi word? (5) 12 There are three Es in which four-let­ter word? (4) 13 What is an in­for­mal name for the south­ern states of the US? (5) 17 What twill fab­ric is much used for suit mak­ing? (5) 18 A yokozuna is a grand cham­pion in what type of wrestling? (4) 22 What in­ter­ests an ar­bori­cul­tur­ist? (5) 23 What is a vol­ume con­tain­ing sev­eral works pre­vi­ously pub­lished sep­a­rately? (7)

24 What did Ger­man Philip Griebel make for gar­dens from the mid-1800s? (6)

25 A Dane, Nor­we­gian or Swede who raided by sea in much of Europe from the 8th to the 11th Cen­turies is known as what? (6)


1 Which 1996 film fea­tures re­searchers who chase tor­na­does? (7)

2 A serac is a pin­na­cle or ridge of ice on the sur­face of a what? (7) 3 What is a piece of turf dug out by a golfer? (5) 4 What thread­like stem grows from a climb­ing plant? (7) 5 Kan­sai In­ter­na­tional Air­port is close to which city? (5) 6 Early Egyp­tians be­lieved which veg­etable sym­bol­ised eter­nal life? (5)

9 Which firearms maker also made the first com­mer­cial type­writer? (9)

14 What solid trans­par­ent plas­tic was in­vented by Cana­dian Wil­liam Chalmers? (7)

15 What open cart was used to con­vey pris­on­ers to the guil­lo­tine dur­ing the French Revo­lu­tion? (7) 16 What is a spray of flow­ers pinned to a dress? (7) 19 What de­scribes peo­ple who buy new shares in­tend­ing to sell quickly at a profit? (5) 20 Where was Christo­pher Colum­bus born? (5) 21 What is a heavy iron block on which hot metal is forged? (5)

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