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Creed II

Rated: M Re­view: Cal­lum Hunter Rat­ing: 7

Rocky eight! That is what we are up to now with the re­lease of Creed II, star­ring Michael B. Jor­dan, Sylvester Stal­lone and Tessa Thompson.

There is more than a hint of nos­tal­gia in this movie with Ivan Drago (Dolph Lund­gren) re­turn­ing, bring­ing with him his very big and very scary look­ing son Vik­tor (Flo­rian Mun­teanu) to chal­lenge Ado­nis Creed.

Any Rocky fan will re­mem­ber Ado­nis’ fa­ther Apollo was killed in the ring by Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, with Creed II seem­ing to serve as a ‘re­match’, three decades on.

Vik­tor Drago is sim­ply mon­strous, the huge fig­ure of Flo­rian Mun­teanu is in­tim­i­dat­ing even as an au­di­ence mem­ber, but we dis­cover there is more to the big brute than meets the eye.

With­out spoil­ing the plot, a re­ver­sal of the out­come of the fi­nal fight would have been a much more com­pelling movie and would have pro­vided a fran­chise shak­ing twist.

It was re­fresh­ing to see Drago Sen. carry some emo­tion to the point of be­ing heart-warm­ing in the fi­nal bout of the film.

Jor­dan does well once again as the pas­sion­ate if emo­tional Creed, sup­ported by Tessa Thompson as his on-screen wife Bianca.

Slightly pre­dictable but still en­joy­able, Creed II can­not help but feel like a modern re­hash of the third and fourth films in the fran­chise, fol­low­ing a sim­i­lar plot to Rocky III while Creed goes up against Drago as in Rocky IV.

Rocky Bal­boa (Sylvester Stal­lone) is back for his eighth ap­pear­ance in Creed II along­side Ado­nis Creed (Michael B. Jor­dan).

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