Cen­tre’s unique de­sign has roots in Dream­time story

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A renowned South West indige­nous artist has shared the story be­hind Dol­phin Dis­cov­ery Cen­tre’s unique de­sign ahead of the fa­cil­ity’s open­ing this week­end.

Troy Ben­nell pro­vided in­put into MCG Ar­chi­tects’ de­sign of the new land­mark build­ing.

The im­pres­sive build­ing is al­ready turn­ing heads on Koom­bana Drive and Mr Ben­nell hopes the story be­hind its de­sign will be passed down to gen­er­a­tions for years to come.

“It’s a story of some­thing that hap­pened here – to bring it here in the fore­front now, in 2018, that’s so pow­er­ful,” Mr Ben­nell said.

The south wall of the build­ing is split into three screens to tell the dol­phin dream­ing story.

The eye-catch­ing blue struc­ture at the point of the build­ing rep­re­sents the Leeuwin Cur­rent, the mid­dle panel sym­bol­ises story and song lines of the con­nec­tion be­tween the hills, to the ocean and es­tu­ary and a pod of dol­phins at the back end com­pletes the story.

There is also a light­ing sys­tem which rep­re­sents the six sea­sons.

Mr Ben­nell said the de­sign told the Noon­gar Dream­time story of how chil­dren were swept from sand dunes by a big wave be­fore drown­ing in front of their fam­i­lies.

“The old spirit man hit his hands to­gether and changed all those drown­ing chil­dren into dol­phins, kwilana,” Mr Ben­nell said.

“Ev­ery sum­mer time the fam­i­lies would come back here and sing a song for their chil­dren, the dol­phins, and the dol­phins would get ex­cited and herd up enough fish for the fam­ily eat.”

He said the new build­ing and in­ter­pre­tive cen­tre would pass those sto­ries on and help cre­ate new ones.

“We’re cre­at­ing new sto­ries here now, bring all the sto­ries to­gether and tell you what, this place will be buzzing,” he said.

The new-look tourist at­trac­tion is set to open to the pub­lic on Satur­day.

Pic­ture: Kate Field­ing

Dol­phin Dis­cov­ery Cen­tre gen­eral man­ager David Kerr lis­tens to indige­nous artist Troy Ben­nell's story be­hind the fa­cil­ity's de­sign which he wants topass on to gen­er­a­tions like his eight-month-old grand­daugh­ter Vi­o­let Ben­nell.

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