South Western Times : 2018-12-20

Wheels : 44 : 2


2 WHEELS SOUTH WEST WEEK BEGINNING DECEMBER 18, 2018 GIFTS & GEAR SALE DATES : WED 12TH DEC TO MON 24TH DEC 2018 GIFTS 3 RIGHT GIFTS & RIGHT GEAR AT THE RIGHT PRICE! $24 95 4WD REMOTE CONTROL OFF-ROAD BUGGY 1:10 REMOTE CONTROL DRIFT RACING 2.4GHZ Part No. GT4236 Part No. GT4234 1:18 scale remote control model. Rechargeable battery and charger included The Racing Drift Car is electrically powered and perfect for indoor or outdoor drifting. Swap out the tyres from hard to soft to get extra grip 1:24 REMOTE CONTROL BLUE LAND MONSTER RACING CAR 2.4GHZ $69 95 Part No. GT4204 Provide hours of fun with its oversized tyres and quality suspension 39 $ 95 1:12 SCALE RED RACING TRUGGY 2.4GHZ Part No. GT4209 This is an ultra-fast truggy, with a top speed of 38km/h! ALL TERRAIN MULTI FUNCTION TRACKED ROBOT Part No. KJ8918 Parts to assemble in this kit, including the hard-wire remote control. Creating a fantastic piece of robotic gear $29 $99 95 95 TWISTER REMOTE CONTROL STUNT CAR $49 95 Part No. GT4206 Flips over to avoid getting stuck Part No. VARIOUS Part No. VARIOUS Part No. VARIOUS 20cmx 30cm. $22 $49 $19 95 95 95 EACH EACH EACH SOLAR DANCERS Part No. VARIOUS $495 $495 PULL BACK CARS Part No. VARIOUS EACH EACH AUHTDODAOSHNCAEMERA GIFT Part No. DSH-410 AVAILABLE NOW! 2.4” LCD Screen and Motion Detection. 720P resolution EASY TO CARDS ASSEMBLE! WOODEN MECHANICAL MODELS FROM Part No. 70032 Part No. 70015 $45.95 $119 VM02 Bike Driven by a powerful rubber band motor that makes the motorcycle ride for as much as 3 meters in one winding UGM11 Truck A gear change lever on the side of the truck allows– forward, backward and idle 19 49 $ 95 $ 95 Part No. 70031 $89.95 VM01 Roadster Car Classics and introduces an exquisitely elegant and vigorously fast Roadster sports car Part No. 70020H EACH $19.95 Ufidget Happy New Year 4 Piece small fidget Stocking, Christmas tree, Clock, Christmas Ball Bauble EACH

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