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Mum jailed for dealing


An Australind mother who used methamphet­amine to self-medicate her poor mental health has been jailed for drug dealing.

Alice Laurel Marshall, 27, was sentenced to 18 months in prison after admitting to possessing MDMA and cannabis with the intention of selling the drugs to other people.

Police uncovered the drugs after searching Marshall’s car.

An Australind woman who selfmedica­ted her poor mental health with methamphet­amine has been jailed for intending to sell MDMA and cannabis to fund her addiction.

Alice Laurel Marshall, 27, was sentenced to 18 months in prison last Thursday after pleading guilty to possessing MDMA and cannabis with intent to sell or supply in Perth District Court.

Marshall was initially due to be sentenced in Bunbury District Court a fortnight ago but was later arrested on a bench warrant when she failed to appear.

The court heard Marshall and her young son were sighted by police in a parked car at Australind Pioneer Cemetery on May 28 last year, after reports about alleged drug activity in the area.

When police informed Marshall a search of the car would be conducted, Marshall admitted they would find MDMA.

Police located 13 clip-seal bags — which contained capsules and a white crystallin­e substance, which was later found to be a total of 17.83g of MDMA — as well as a set of electronic scales.

A later search of Marshall’s Break O’Day Drive home uncovered various clip-seal bags containing a total of 36.85g of cannabis, as well as another set of digital scales and other drug parapherna­lia.

While State prosecutor George Brett submitted Marshall would have been slightly above a street level drug dealer, Marshall’s lawyer James Brash told the court she had not been involved in the criminal justice system for 11 years.

But a combinatio­n of factors, including an incident with a neighbour and being a single mother studying full-time at university led her to depression and anxiety.

When she could no longer find assistance through Headspace, the court heard Marshall self-medicated with methamphet­amine and the only way to fund the addiction was to sell drugs. Mr Brash also submitted Marshall had effectivel­y given up on herself when she was interviewe­d for a psychologi­cal report, admitting to the report writer that she was affected by drugs and would continue to use until her sentencing.

However, a handwritte­n letter by Marshall showed her attitudes had since changed and she intended to finish her degree and find work in addiction counsellin­g.

Marshall will be eligible for parole in December.

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