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Technology doesn’t always get it right


We all love new age technology and in fact we have very little choice as it pervades our life in one way, shape or form.

My first hint at what was coming in the technology space was when our old crank handle telephone at home was replaced with a phone that had a dial on the front. I thought that was very clever but little did I know of what was to come in the ensuing decades.

Technology pervades every aspect of our lives and there is no turning back, and let’s face it, where would we be without our mobile phones and all the other smart devices that put entertainm­ent and news right in our faces.

Apparently it has also impacted on the traffic infringeme­nt industry and they have got it all including fixed site speed cameras, drones, hand-held radars . . . the list goes on. One cannot help but think that the majority of these devices serve an additional purpose of raising significan­t revenue for government and it seems for private companies too.

I recently received, in the mail, a parking infringeme­nt notice from a private company, Transport Management Services, who monitor big suburban car parks such as the one at the Karrinyup Shopping Centre. They do this remotely via the use of remote cameras and ping you if you have stayed in a parking lot for too long.

I was on the receiving end of one of these notices which informed me that they had tried to contact me previously by mail a number of times to serve an infringeme­nt, with no luck.

To complete their investigat­ion, they then went to the Supreme Court to get additional personal details about me before sending me a Final Notice. This included some additional costs associated with having to go to the Supreme Court. However, something just didn’t seem to sit right with me so I decided to look into it further.

TMS directed me to the photograph­ic evidence which indeed showed a car the same colour as mine in the Karrinyup Shopping Centre carpark.

That was the only thing that they got right because the car in question was a sedan and not a dual cab like mine and the number plate had one digit different to mine. Despite this evidence they persisted in pursuing me until eventually conceding that the technology had indeed got it very wrong.

No apology was forthcomin­g though, just a curt email to say they were dropping the matter. Don’t you just love it?

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