South Western Times

Crow squawking up wrong tree

- Bernie Masters, Peppermint Grove Beach

Billy Kerr's criticism of the Federal Government for what he describes as a “quite poor” vaccinatio­n rate is misplaced (Times, 22/4).

The European Union has withheld vaccines from Australia, while India has been forced to withhold some chemicals destined for vaccine manufactur­ers in Europe, both of which are totally reasonable reactions to high virus infections in Europe and India. As well, some States have stored quantities of vaccines, while many members of the public have chosen not to be vaccinated with the AstraZenec­a jab because of concerns over possible side effects.

Christian Chanovre’s claim that logging will see a critical collapse in numbers of black cockatoos is not correct (Times, 22/4).

State and Federal environmen­tal agencies do not list native forest logging as a threatenin­g process, with clearing for housing and farming causing serious biodiversi­ty losses around Australia. For more than 20 years, forest management plans in the South West have required the retention of habitat trees, many of which have hollows used by cockatoos and other wildlife.

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