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A lo­cal woman is warn­ing the com­mu­nity not to be fooled by a new wave of cy­ber crime.

Jodie Graham, who re­pairs com­put­ers in her spare time, said her mother, a Fin­ley res­i­dent, had been the tar­get of a scam.

Ms Graham said it was only by chance that she had an­swered the phone when a man had called her mother’s home.

‘‘He told me there was some­thing wrong with my com­puter and that he would need my as­sis­tance to log on and fix it. I told him a fur­phy — that I worked for a com­puter com­pany — and that I knew for sure there was noth­ing wrong with my com­puter.’’

In a bizarre twist Ms Graham said the man started laugh­ing and told her ‘‘God bless’’ then hung up.

She said it was the third phone call in a month to her mother’s home. Ms Graham said she had also heard of a ‘‘num­ber of peo­ple around the Fin­ley area’’ who have had a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence.

‘‘Some peo­ple have given out de­tails to the call­ers al­low­ing them re­mote ac­cess to their com­put­ers.

‘‘If the call­ers can con­vince the home owner there is some­thing wrong with their ma­chine, they then will ask for your credit card num­bers for pay­ment for the so called re­pair.

‘‘If you hand that over, they have ac­cess to your per­sonal files, pass­words and your bank de­tails,’’ Ms Graham said.

She said once they have re­mote ac­cess the caller can mon­i­tor what you are do­ing, even af­ter you have hung up the phone.

‘‘They usu­ally put a key log­ging pro­gram onto your com­puter with­out you know­ing to fol­low what pat­terns you are typ­ing on your key­board, like pass­words. They can sit and watch ev­ery­thing you are do­ing.’’

Ms Graham urged com­mu­nity mem­bers to be alert.

‘‘It’s a type of cy­ber crime and not un­com­mon. If you have caller ID on your phone the num­ber will likely come up pri­vate or ap­pear to be an in­ter­na­tional caller. Em­ploy­ees from Microsoft will not call you, you have to con­tact them if there is a prob­lem.’’

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