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Dear Ed­i­tor, Ju­lia Gil­lard’s state­ment, Re, ‘‘Food Power House for Asia’’ is a far­ci­cal, per­fid­i­ous state­ment of the first de­gree - typ­i­cal of politi­cians of ev­ery hue!

Over the last 20 years, State and Fed­eral Gov­ern­ments have and are steadily dis­man­tling the agri­cul­tural and ru­ral sec­tor of our Na­tional econ­omy, by ham­per­ing farm­ers’ abil­ity to pros­per and pro­duce.

While un­der fi­nan­cial duress, multi Na­tional com­pa­nies have and are con­ve­niently re­plac­ing the fam­ily farm, which in turn ma­nip­u­late gov­ern­ments.

Laws en­acted in Par­lia­ment - for ex­am­ple ‘The Na­tive Grasses Pro­tec­tion Act’ - limit farm­ers’ abil­ity to ex­pand pro­duc­tion when ad­van­ta­geous con­di­tions oc­cur.

Two years ago 4000 farm­ers con­verged at Par­lia­ment House in Can­berra to protest against this (so called) Law and our prop­erty rights.

Not one men­tion of this protest was re­ported in the Na­tional me­dia - of course we deny press cen­sor­ship!

GM seed prod­ucts in­tro­duced by multi Na­tional com­pa­nies have wormed their way into our le­gal fab­ric, and are now pro­tected by (so called) Law against lit­i­ga­tion by farm­ers who want to grow or­ganic prod­ucts near GM Crop farm­ers (ref­er­ence: Farmer vs Farmer WA re­ported).

The real cul­prits are the Gov­ern­ment, pro­tected multi Na­tional out­fits and the Gov­ern­ment’s con­trolled biose­cu­rity depart­ment, which sanc­tions pro­ce­dure, prod­ucts, im­por­ta­tion - most of which ad­here to globalist poli­cies - and put at risk Na­tional pro­duc­tion, for ex­am­ple, fire blight from im­ported ap­ples.

This depart­ment should be called ‘bio in­se­cu­rity’, se­man­tics ex­cepted.

Fi­nally we have the water de­ba­cle, to put it in its kind­est terms.

Where does Ju­lia imag­ine the water will come from to pro­duce her vi­sion­ary agri­cul­tural rev­o­lu­tion? She has de­lib­er­ately del­e­gated her water min­is­ter to steal even more water from the agri-sec­tor, to ap­pease her green lobby, and then to waste it down the river of no re­turn (who cares if thou­sands of ru­ral fam­i­lies are at risk?).

A so­lu­tion to the water prob­lem, if in­deed she re­ally wants one, can be found in our sub­mis­sion to the basin plan (ref: 3973548) - no rocket sci­ence needed here Ju­lia.

Per­haps the next in­cum­bent to her po­si­tion might con­ceiv­ably be a pa­triot to our sovereignty and deign their ears to the peo­ple who put them in their po­si­tions and ex­pect far more of them than the drivel and in­com­pe­tence that we re­ceive in re­turn!

Yours etc, Pat Mathers Tocumwal

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