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Flippa drops 18kg in chal­lenge

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Los­ing 18 kilo­grams in 11 weeks is a pretty sen­sa­tional ef­fort.

It’s the av­er­age weight of a five year-old child and it’s the same amount that Fin­ley’s Paul ‘Flippa’ Dun­don has lost as part of HQ Gym’s Big­gest Loser Over­haul Chal­lenge.

The chal­lenge, now in its fi­nal week, is led by Fin­ley HQ Gym’s fit­ness gu­rus Ryan Locke and Rich Find­lay. It chal­lenges two teams of 12 peo­ple to bat­tle it out to lose the most weight over 12 weeks

The in­di­vid­ual and team win­ners will be an­nounced at an open com­mu­nity din­ner at the Fin­ley RS Club, start­ing from 7.30pm Fri­day.

The win­ning in­di­vid­ual will re­ceive $1000 cash, while the win­ning team’s din­ner will be free.

Each week the teams un­dergo dif­fer­ent ex­er­cise and diet chal­lenges and their weight loss progress is mea­sured in­di­vid­u­ally and then cal­cu­lated to de­ter­mine the win­ning team.

Flippa, 40, ad­mits he signed on for one rea­son.

‘‘I was fat. I gained a few too many ki­los and needed mo­ti­va­tion,’’ he said.

The full-time owner op­er­a­tor of Flippa’s Auto Electrics and fa­ther of three said he had a ‘‘non ex­is­tent’’ ex­er­cise regime af­ter quit­ting football 21⁄ years ago.

‘‘I used to love footy for train­ing and since I stopped do­ing that, I was go­ing full tilt do­ing noth­ing,’’ he said.

‘‘I liked the idea of this chal­lenge. There was no way I was go­ing to be mo­ti­vated with just a dis­counted gym mem­ber­ship, I needed the time chal­lenge of 12 weeks to say ‘right, I’m do­ing this and there’s no back­ing out’.’’

Flippa said the chal­lenge would suit any­one, adding that over­all it’s a great way to have fun and meet peo­ple.

He said although the first four weeks were a bit tough, men­tally the pro­gram was in­spir­ing and ‘‘very doable’’.

‘‘I took on the morn­ing boot­camps and other classes, and ev­ery­thing started go­ing well,’’ he said.

‘‘The boot­camps in par­tic­u­lar are a friendly en­vi­ron­ment; tough but fair. No one’s smirk­ing at you if you can’t do 100 push-ups. It wasn’t harsh and is achiev­able.

‘‘You meet and in­ter­act with peo­ple you wouldn’t usu­ally and you all have some­thing in com­mon — each per­son has the same tar­get.’’

Look­ing back on the past 11 weeks, Flippa said he’s found joy with the tell-tale sign of weight loss — his clothes were get­ting big­ger and big­ger on him.

‘‘Even just a few weeks ago, I bought three pairs of ex­pen­sive work pants but they’re al­ready fall­ing down.’’

Feel­ing ‘‘a mil­lion dol­lars’’, Flippa said he has be­come a morn­ing per­son and can even see im­prove­ment in other as­pects of his life, in­clud­ing at work.

‘‘I get up at 5.45am with no prob­lems and now I do a full day of good work in­stead of stuff­ing around the first hour.

‘‘It’s a great feel­ing to be fit again and the staff at HQ know what they’re do­ing. I can’t praise them enough.’’

Flippa is a mem­ber of Blue Team, un­der the in­struc­tion of Rich Find­lay.

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Fin­ley’s John Milne and Paul ‘Flippa’ Dun­don have lost a com­bined 34kg in 11 weeks as part of the Big­gest Loser Over­haul Chal­lenge.

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