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Preschool and after school care


Biralee Preschool and Outside of School Hours care provides exceptiona­l education programs for children aged in the preschool and primary school years.

Biralee Preschool operates during school terms providing a high quality, educationa­l, play-based learning program focusing on school readiness years. The program runs from 8am to 3.30pm weekdays.

Biralee OOSH provides a high quality after school care program from 3pm to 6pm weekdays. It also hosts a vacation care program during the school holidays, from 8am to 6pm weekdays. Enrolments for OOSH are taken throughout the year.

More informatio­n regarding the Vacation Care programs and enrolment is published in the school newsletter­s in the lead up to school holiday periods.

Biralee Preschool and OOSH aim to provide an environmen­t which allows each child to develop and enhance self expression and effective communicat­ion, as well as developing positive attitudes towards themselves and others.

program, which is on offer for the students and families at Biralee Preschool and OOSH.

Biralee educators are pedagogy, and coming up with innovative programs and learning for the children in their care.

Educator Julie Robinson has been a driving force for the implementa­tion of the Biralee Bush Kinder program which runs in Term 2 and 3.

This is where the children Retreat Hall once a week to experience learning in the natural environmen­t. The children climb trees, build own lunch.

Educators look forward to reintroduc­ing programs such as the Kids Interactin­g with Elderly (KITE), along with a variety of other incursions and excursions to support the

Biralee Preschool curriculum activities.

Biralee Preschool enrolments for 2023 will commence in

August 2022. For more informatio­n contact Biralee on 03 5883 1609.

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