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Successful day for Saints


B-grade: Berrigan 44 def Picola 25.

Today our girls went into the first quarter firing and did not stop going into the second quarter 2 goals down.

We finished strong and on top and stayed up right until the end.

Defence was unstoppabl­e and kept up the intensity whilst our shooters popped their goals in.

Fantastic, all round team effort.

Awards: AA Radios – Laura Walliss; JB Ware Builders – Bianca Mohr; Pat Barretts Tyres – Natalie Ferguson.

C-grade: Berrigan 38 def by Picola 46.

C-grade had a cracker of a game this week. The Saints went out fighting, resulting in even scores after three quarters.

Unfortunat­ely our gears seized up in the last quarter, and Picola ran away in the end.

It was nice to have Nat Ferguson back for the week and loved watching Charlie and Amelia running with us.

Awards: AA Radios – Natalie Ferguson; JB Ware Builders – Bec Ware; Pat Barretts Tyres – Arlena Pyle.

C-reserve: Berrigan 28 def Picola 27.

It was a tough game, but the girls didn’t lose their fight or drop their heads.

They went down each quarter but were finally up when the siren went, which was very rewarding.

Awards: JB Ware Builders – Vanessa Parr; AA Radio – Kayleigh Nolen; B & R Demeo – Vanessa Parr.

Under-17s: Berrigan 61 def Picola 31.

Saturday was a good solid game.

Thank you to Abbi Ferguson and Gracie Rice for being on the bench.

Awards: JB Ware Builders – Chloe McQualter; Jeremy O’Dwyer – Franchesca Urrutia; Loats Family Award – Molly Rice.

Under-15s: Berrigan 62 def Picola 6.

Working on our fine tuning, the young Saints put our new training skills to work.

With our midcourt pressure taking the turn overs, defenders playing man on man and the shooters moving to the space.

Awards: Berrigan Takeaway Pizza & Drink – Miley Driscoll; Marianne Whelan Award – Charlie Magill; B & R Demeo – Erica Hammond.

Under-13s: Berrigan 20 def Picola 11.

An amazing effort by all players.

We wish we had an award for each girl, as everyone had a job to do and they did their best coming out with a win.

Awards: Ange Permazel Canteen Award - Leonise Balon; Bizzy Scissors – Maddie Rice; Carter & Co – Lucy Pyle; Berrigan Pharmacy – Teyha Kelly.

Under-11s: Not scored.

Thank you Picola for helping us field a side. We are so proud of the support and encouragem­ent the team showed towards each other.

Our Baby Saints have improved so much this year.

Awards: Finishing Touch Hairdressi­ng – Sophie Baxter; Carter & Co – Elissa Hardy; Jodie’s Powerade – Darcie Hawes.

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