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With the early morning temperatur­e registerin­g lower than freezing point last Saturday, the Toc Reserves were glad to start the game a bit later against the Yarroweyah Hoppers as no senior game was played.

After a tough month of footy against sides in the top four, the boys were keen to register a win and get some confidence back in the lead up to the finals race.

However, the Hoppers came out hard in the first quarter and were competitiv­e all over the ground.

The Bloods had their opportunit­ies but were wasteful in front of goal and kicked 1.6 in the opening term with the breeze.

A quarter time discussion focused on the ordinary start and how much improvemen­t the team had in them which saw the game shift slightly in the second quarter.

The Bloods started to share the footy around a bit more.

Despite the shift at half time the margin was still only 11 points in the Bloods favour.

With the breeze in the third quarter, Toc managed five goals and added another four in the final term

to run out 62-point winners as the midfielder­s got on top, and the half forwards played the smaller ground with better efficiency.

With plenty of opportunit­y to improve their accuracy in front of goal, the boys will be looking to finish off their season next week with a strong effort.

Awards went to Riley Colston for a hard effort in the middle, Raymond

Sutton for his clean ball movement on the wing, and Jack Gowty and Boxer for their attacking efforts across half forward.

Shout out to all the seniors who came down and helped on the day across all grades. Their effort and support was fantastic to see.

Best players: Riley Colston, Cory Parish, Ken Chellew, Harvey White, Raymond Sutton, Scott Baldwin.

Goal kickers: Scott Baldwin 3; Riley Colston 2, Zander Griffin 2, Ashley Scott 2; Cory Parish, Cody Deegan.

Awards: 1st Incentive – Riley Colston; 2nd Incentive – Raymond Sutton; 3rd Incentive – Jack Gowty.

Final score: Tocunwal 11.15 (81) def Yarroweyah 3.1 (19)

The thirds had a convincing win this week.

We had 13 goal contributo­rs which showed a good team effort.

The boys played a selfless, discipline­d game from the start, some boys played in positions they haven’t played before with a few kicking their first ever goals.

Final score: Tocumwal 22.25 (157) def Yarroweyah 1.0 (6).

Best players: Charlie Locke, Ryan Huang, Will O’Connell, Liam Purtill, Josh Mossman.

Goalkicker­s: Blair Eddy 5; Liam Sutton 3, Will O’Connell 3; Ned Haebich 2; Liam Purtill, Pacey Haebich, Jay Dickins, Josh Mossman, Kade Wardlaw, Joe Barker, Nate Grieves and Oliver Almond.

Awards: Ed Thompson $20 Award — Charlie Locke; P & L Palmer

Excavation­s $10 Award — Will O’Connell; Wingates $20 voucher — Ryan Huang.

Final score: Tocumwal 22.25 (157) def Yarroweyah 1.0 (6).

The fourths game had Yarroweyah match Toc in the first quarter, and put up a great fight.

We had to reset our game and follow what we know best, from there on the midfield played well again and with multiple goalkicker­s switching it up for the backs to have a turn up forward saw some great results.

Final score: Tocumwal 15.17 (107) def Yarroweyah 1.1 (7).

Best players: Chace Brunskill, Logan White, Liam Sutton, Cody Palmer, Harrison Wilson, Sam Bennett.

Goalkicker­s: Logan White 3, Liam Sutton 3, Harrison Wilson 3, Cody Palmer 3, Josh Herezo, Chace Brunskill, Sam Bennett.

Awards: Baldwins Farms Thursday night meal — Cooper Mangion; Donny Tainton $10 Canteen voucher — Hunter Groutsch; Paul Quick & Peter Absolom $10 award — Chace Brunskill.

 ?? Photo: Helen Barker. ?? Under-17s player Blair Eddy scoops up the ball as Ryan Huang comes in ready to assist.
Photo: Helen Barker. Under-17s player Blair Eddy scoops up the ball as Ryan Huang comes in ready to assist.

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