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C-reserve gain top spot after thrashing Mulwala


A-grade: Finley 46 def by Mulwala 56.

The Cats played a very competitiv­e Mulwala side this week.

Unfortunat­ely we played our most competitiv­e game in the second half, which allowed Mulwala in the first half to get a nice lead.

The girls fought hard all day and never gave up. There was some incredible passages of play from our defence and attack.

Jordan Gray played a full game in defence with gun defender Katie Archer.

Our shooters moved and shot beautifull­y and our feeders worked well around the ring.

Awards: Kelly Grains best on - Maicie Close; Yas McGrath Myotherapy and Pilates - Shania Bentley.

B-grade: Mulwala 60 def Finley 25.

A big effort was needed this week against a fast paced, fifth placed opposition.

Our mid court really stepped up against a physical opposition, driving the ball all game with fantastic defensive cover.

A 20 goal deficit at half time did not deter the ladies, and adjustment­s to our defence positions showed determinat­ion and promise.

Some great vision and passes down court produced conversion­s from our shooters, the final score did not reflect the effort put in this week.

Thanks to Heather for stepping in and Josie who played a great three quarters after her own under-17s game.

Awards: Marshall AG best on court - Sherrene Thompson; Country Club - Sharni Sykes.

C-grade: Mulwala 44 def Finley 31.

The mid court was working hard, with Charlotte Hurlston starring in centre and Lauren Clarke as WA to guide the ball into the ring.

The shooting team of Maddy Trenerry and Tamzin Bell created some nice shooting plays.

Awards: Eagle I Machinery best on court - Charlotte Hurlston, Daisy Mae’s - Maddy Trenerry.

C-reserve: Finley 81 def Mulwala 24.

The first quarter was a slow start, but everyone switched on and gave it their all.

Strong defence and mid court turnaround­s rattled Mulwala and saw Finley gain each quarter.

With the weekend’s win we managed to gain top position on the ladder, with only one more game to play.

Big congratula­tions to Paula and Karen for hitting the 1000 goals for the season.

Awards: Three Rivers Earthmovin­g Award - Paula Gowans; Essential Hair Award - Karen Donkin.

Under-17s: Finley 31 def by Mulwala 34.

The girls came out today wanting another win.

Scores were tight right up to the final siren, with Mulwala getting a few more goals in the last quarter.

It was a great game to watch and the girls should be proud of how they played.

Special mention to Charlotte H coming back to play, Ebony for playing her second game for the season and Mikayla and Addi coming up from under-15s.

Awards: Tocumwal Golf Resort Award - Meg Marshall; Finley Bakery Award - Mikayla Simpson.

Under-15s: Finley 35 def Mulwala 16.

We focussed on our full court defensive pressure and created multiple turnovers.

Our shooters were moving very well in the ring, creating space, and were accurate at the post.

The mid courters worked hard, continuall­y driving the ball and picking up some ripper intercepts.

Our defenders were solid in the ring, pulling in intercepts, applying pressure on every shot and strong rebounds.

Awards: Finley Bakery - Charlotte Rafferty; FFNC canteen - Paige Gray.

Under-13s: Finley 1 def by Mulwala 31.

A very tough game against a much stronger Mulwala. To the girls’ credit they never stopped fighting, and kept their positive attitudes throughout the entire game.

It shows how far they have come since the start of the season.

Awards: Finley Bakery Award - Piper Pyle; FFNC Canteen - Lucy Mueller.

Under-11s: Not scored.

With a full team, it was all about having fun and working together with each other.

Pippa’s defence was amazing, coming up with countless intercepts and Chelsea’s fight towards the ball with effortless drives all game was really great to see.

Awards: Bakery - Pippa Evans; Canteen - Chelsea Kennedy.

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