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'Unrelated, unwarrante­d and unreasonab­le’

- Dear Editor,

As vice-chair of Southern Riverina irrigators, I was recently asked to present a submission at a water trading hearing in Griffith.

Stakeholde­rs were briefed on the importance of being respectful, non-slanderous and to bring up points and informatio­n relevant to the hearing only, which was all about water trading.

You can imagine my surprise and astonishme­nt when Shooters, Fishers and Farmers member Robert Borsack, who was also the chair of the hearing, started to question SRIs obligation­s to lodge financial informatio­n to the Office of Fair Trading, an issue that has nothing to do with water trading or the submission we spent writing.

The attack was unrelated, unwarrante­d and unreasonab­le.

Borsack used parliament­ary privilege to address his own agenda on a completely irrelevant issue.

I was only there to speak on behalf of the submission SRI presented to the inquiry so I cannot speak on behalf of MIL, however his attack on them was also unrelated, unwarrante­d and unreasonab­le.

Perhaps if Borsack had of called for implementa­tion of the ACCC recommenda­tions into water trading instead of trying to score political points to the detriment of southern basin irrigators, I wouldn’t have had to drive to Griffith and waste my time.

There must be a state election coming up?

Yours etc. Darcy Hare SRI vice-chair

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