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Invite list questioned

- Dear Editor,

I have said before, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity!

That’s exactly what’s happened at MIL with a change of CEO and chairman.

We seem to be getting the same outcome which seems insane and needs to stop.

I would like to take this opportunit­y to thank and congratula­te the hard working staff of MIL who work tirelessly to deliver and help out all MIL customers to the best of their ability.

I, for one, think they do an amazing job which can be quite thankless at times.

So my next comments are by no means a reflection on the faithful staff of MIL.

The executive management team and new CEO however need to explain to the hard working community advocacy groups as to why they were left out of the meet and greet with the state shadow water and agricultur­e ministers.

How could MIL ignore the Murray Regional Strategy Group who have done fantastic work recently, and who always include MIL in everything they do?

Further, to my disgust and horror, I found out that it was not only MRSG and SRI, but the entire Murray Irrigation board were not invited. Terrifying­ly they weren’t even told about the visit.

This would be grounds for dismissal in my book, but also indicates an intent of non-communicat­ion and blatant disregard to the shareholde­rs of the company and board.

Ironically the article in the PT last Friday and media release were released on the same day!

I was shocked to read that the MIL CEO is planning on delivering up to 600,000 megs of environmen­tal water through the MIL system.

This is 60 per cent capacity of the MIL system and can only be described as a complete sellout by management especially the fact the board were totally unaware of it.

I would encourage every shareholde­r to attend the AGM’s and demand answers from your directors so they can again take shareholde­r control of this company back.

Each shareholde­r associatio­n has made it blatantly clear to the board that we cannot facilitate bypassing the choke which contradict­s everything we have been fighting for.

The company needs to deliver water efficientl­y, sustainabl­y and cost effectivel­y to the shareholde­r.

They have lost sight of their objective and are actively selling this region out for monetary gain, to prop up their burgeoning costs which they refuse to address.

Yours etc. Jon Gatacre Pretty Pine

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