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Finley C-reserve player profiles:


Coach: Peta Gowans.

Team manager: Gaye Maxwell.

Paula Gowans (GS/GA): Impossible to defend. Extremely accurate and strong rebounding make her unstoppabl­e in attack.

Karen Donkin (GA/GS): Freakishly young and yet has a wealth of playing experience and still going strong. Long range shooting dynamo.

Kirsty Clarke (WA): Strong feeder that has bamboozled her young opponents all year with her calculated decision making.

Peta Gowans (C, captain/coach): The heart and soul of our team. Her leadership, communicat­ion and silky skills see her dominate any player.

Michelle Purtill (WD/GK): Great defensive pressure in and out of the circle. First year at the club and has proven hard work and determinat­ion is the key to success.

Sasha Wood (GD/GK): Tight and annoying defender. Will not let you get an easy pass or shot.

Bridget Tegart (GK/GD): Dominant rebounder who uses her body well and protects the last line of defence strongly.

Paige Gray (GD, WD, GA): Amazing young gun who can play anywhere on the court.

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