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Winners are grinners in teams scramble



The ladies played Stableford on the President’s course on Tuesday, August 23.

Division 1: Patricia Small 33 points, R/U Shellei Clark 32 points.

Division 2: Robyn Benbow 36 points, R/U Carmel Butcher 35 points.

Gold Division: Mary McLeay 33 points. NTPs: 2nd Shellei Clark, 8th Patricia Small, 14th Anne Beveridge, 18th Sandra Williams.

Wednesday, August 24, the men played Stroke off the white tees on the Captain’s course.

Division 1: Greg Brooks net 69, R/U Shane Halloran net 72, 3rd Kevin Dunn net 72.

Division 2: Douglas Beckwith net 72, R/U Christophe­r Forster net 75, 3rd Terry Stokes net 76.

Division 3: Philip Cheesewrig­ht net 71, R/U Wayne Youlten net 73, 3rd Alan Michalowsk­y net 74.

Gold Division: Leonard Redfern net 73. NTPs: 2nd Kyle Jackson, 8th David Wilson, 14th Kyle Jackson, 17th Michael Cooper.

On Saturday, August 27, the competitio­n was Stableford off the white tees on the Captain’s course.

There were good performanc­es from Ross and Shellei Clark, both winning their Division 1 sections.

Women: Division 1 Shellei Clark 44 points, R/U Tracey Shalders 40 points.

Division 2: Heather Aston 34 points, R/U Sue Lawson 32 points.

Men: Division 1 Ross Clark 40 points, R/U Liam Purtill 38 points, 3rd Scott Hennigan 36 points.

Division 2: Philip Cheeswrigh­t 39 points, R/U John Henry 36 points, 3rd Denis Garner 35 points.

Division 3: Peter Stokes Snr 34 points, R/U Alan Michalowsk­y 33 points, 3rd Volker Stahl 33 points.

Gold Division: Leonard Redfern 32 points. NTPs: 2nd Bobette Wilkinson & Tom Fogarty, 8th Tracey Shalders & Lachlan Moore, 14th Tracey Shalders & Steve Lau, 17th Jenni Corcoran & Peter Bolt.

Sunday, August 28, saw the Ambrose four person teams Scramble event played.

Winners were Will Power, Daniel Ellis, Michael Peters and Dean Trembath with a great score of 52.25.


Friday's winner was Beau Walliss (4410-34), and runner-up was Dennis Hayes (50-13.5-36.5).

Dennis also won the putting with 13 putts, and ball winner was Jeff Stein (47-10-37).

Saturday's winner was Lachlan Whelan (44-12-32), and runner-up was Joe Nicholls (45-10-35).

Chris Kelly won the putting with 12 putts and also was a ball winner (43-7.5-35.5), as was Dennis Bush (53-17-36).

Sunday's winner was Chris Kelly (85-16-69), and runner up was Jeff Stein (92-20-72).

Chris Kelly won the putting with 26 putts and ball winner was Joe Nicholls (92-20-72).


With some women away representi­ng the club at the annual Riverina Tournament, those left behind decided it was a little too chilly to play last Wednesday morning.

The men had no problems with the weather and played their Stableford event, which was sponsored by Mark's Trimming.

The winner was John Taylor with 33 points. Ball winners were Ian Litchfield and Martin Cruickshan­k with 32 points, and Leo McNamara on 30 points.

NTP: Alan Hand.

NAGA: Bo Makkinga.

Saturday's Men's and Ladies Stroke was sponsored by Price Concrete Co.

Ladies winner was Karen Litchfield (106/40/66), and ball winner was Sue Simpson (101/22/79).

Men's winner was Norm Pyle (85/11/74), and ball winners were Leo McNamara (92/17/75), Paul Pinnuck (86/10/76), Ray Healey (103/27/76), Lochlan Caldwell (89/12/77) and Billy Smith (93/16/77).

NTP on the 18th was Norm Pyle.

Sunday' Men's and Ladies Stableford was sponsored by DSK Waste.

Ladies winner was Linda Rendell on 35 points.

Ball winners were Enid Bain (34) and Sue Simpson (33).

NTP: 13th Sue Simpson.

Men's winner was Brett Shaw with 39 points. Ball winners were Brad Haines (34), Rand Wilson (33) and Robert Singleton and Lindsay Donkin both with 32.

NTP: 18th Brett Shaw.

Top Gun: Brett Shaw.


Thursday last week, the ladies played in the Golf NSW ‘NSW Ladies Bowl’, 4BBB Stableford Draw for partners.

Winners were Loretta Lewis and Sara Ham with 37 points.

Runners-up were Felicite Aull and Julie Sleigh on 30.

The winning card has been submitted to Golf NSW.

A reminder that we are coring the greens starting Saturday afternoon, finishing Sunday.

It means no golf will be played, but volunteers are needed and most welcome.

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