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Quality Saber rams on offer


More than 100 Poll Dorset rams will be offered for sale at the sixth annual Saber Poll Dorset production sale next Friday, September 9.

This year marks 64 years of continuous Poll Dorset breeding by the Fawns family, with Saber currently operated by Steve and Linda Fawns. The stud was founded in 1958 and Steve and Linda took over the management of the stud in 2011 from Steve’s father Rod.

Saber invests heavily in genetics and the majority of rams presented are progeny from Saber's artificial breeding program, where Steve and Linda are able to source and use the best genetics available from all over Australia.

Linda said she and Steve are pleased with the early growth, quick maturing lambs and muscling that they are seeing in the flock.

“While maintainin­g good structure and confirmati­on is paramount, we are also now focusing on shifting to improving the eating quality of Australian lamb,” she said.

“We continue to be members of Meat Elite Australia, a collaborat­ive group of Poll Dorset breeders from across Australia who are committed to giving clients a genetic edge, and working to produce prime lambs for now and the future of the sheep meat industry.

“Our aim is to be able to assist our clients by providing quality rams that are objectivel­y measured and can improve your operation’s productivi­ty and importantl­y profitabil­ity.

“This goal is achieved through participat­ion of carefully selected breeding programs. Each lamb is weighed and tagged within 24 hours of birth and objectivel­y measured up until sale.”

Over the last few years, Saber Poll Dorset has been introducin­g White Suffolk genetics into the flock, with the aim of being able to provide the option to its clients to use both Poll Dorset and White Suffolk rams.

“This year we also have several Poll Dorset cross White Suffolk rams available for purchase,” Linda said.

“We are working toward being able to provide a greater selection of White Suffolk rams each year. We believe both breeds are well suited to both the district and meat industry.

“Fertility matters, and we would like to highlight our rams are solely grass feed, meaning they are work and paddock ready.”

Saber Poll Dorset has also started an on-farm experiment, with the investment of hair sheep as a project, to see what opportunit­ies this may bring into the future.

The Fawns were attracted to these breeds for their easy management, together with greater predicted demands on shearers and the lower value of course wool types.

“We are looking to alternativ­es for the future, where it may be increasing­ly difficult to obtain labour,” Linda said.

“We have chosen Australian Whites, but have an open mind to the outcomes.”

The ram sale will be held on site at Morvah Park, 1224 Moonee Swamp Rd, Deniliquin on September 9, and interfaced with AuctionsPl­us. Inspection­s will be from 11.30am, followed by a light lunch and then the sale from 12.30pm.

For further details, or to request a catalogue, contact Saber Poll Dorset on 0428 303 306 or Arentz & Barker SRLP Deniliquin selling agents Steve Arentz on 0429 814 403 or Justin Barker on 0448 066 625.

 ?? ?? Linda Fawns and daughter Nikita Doyle.
Linda Fawns and daughter Nikita Doyle.

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